Book Field Archery - a guide for new archers

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The Australian Bowhunters Association's Field Archery Guide for New Archers with 48 pages and 65 photos and illustrations. If you shoot a compound or recurve bow, then this guide is a must read

Book Field Archery - a guide for new archers

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Book Field Archery - a guide for new archers Description

Book Welcome to Field Archery - a guide for new archers.

This manual has been published by the Australian Bowhunters Association and is an excellent resource for people just starting out in archery or with an interest in archery, to learn all the basics.

There are sections on the Longbow, Recurve and Compound bows and a 4 page appendix on archery terminology with the most common archery terms explained.

This easy to read book includes information on archery accessories, eye dominance, draw weight, arrows, tuning, buying archery equipment, on the archey range, safety, clothing, developing good form.

There are also details on Field Archery and the various rules involved.

The mental side of shooting a bow and arrow and getting the best performance from you and your archery equipment is also covered.

The elements of good shooting form covers

  • Stance
  • Nocking the arrow
  • Drawing hand
  • Bow hand, arm and pre-draw
  • Drawing the bow
  • Anchoring
  • Holding and aiming
  • Releasing
  • Follow through
  • Relaxing

Paperback, 20.96cm x 29.85cm or 8.25" x 11.75" with 65 photos and illustrations, 48 pages.

This is a brief overview of the guide by Peter Mosse.

"The basis for archery is simple - shoot the arrow exactly the same way each time. In practice, this can take some time to master. New archers must be taught the basics of sound archery technique, right from their first arrow. As they advance, they need feedback from qualified coaches who can correct bad technique that may otherwise sneak in and slow their progress.

Learning correct technique cannot guarantee rapid progress, but it will help to avoid the frustration that accompanies poor technique and thereby prevent new archers leaving the sport.

This manual stresses good guidance from the beginning and aims to provide a resource that can be returned to time and again during an archer's development.

In preparing this guide to field archery, I have maintained some consistency with other Australian archery publications. In particular the 10 steps to archery that form the basis of many coaching and training programmes have been retained; these form a sound basis for anyone starting out. They have been significantly enhanced by the addition of colour photographs."

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