Lumenok FAST Arrow Squaring Tool


Ensure that all of your arrows have perfectly square ends for consistency shaft to shaft with a Lumenok FAST (Fletched Arrow Squaring Tool) Arrow Squaring Tool

Lumenok FAST Arrow Squaring Tool

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Lumenok FAST Arrow Squaring Tool Description

Having arrows built as perfect as possible goes a long way towards achieving good arrow flight and accuracy. One thing often overlooked is how square the end of the shaft is compared to the length of the shaft.

It is often the case that when using arrow saws, people do not get a perfectly square cut at the end of the shaft. Even when used with great care, arrows are not guaranteed square cut out of most arrow saws. Factory cut ends are no better.

This can result in poor broadhead alignment and also uneven contact with a Lumenok to the back of a shaft, which can reduce performance.

Add a new level of accuracy to the end condition of your arrow shafts by using the FAST tool.

Every archer should square their shafts before letting glue, insert, nock or fletching near them.

  • The FAST (Fletched Arrow Squaring Tool) precisely squares fletched and non-fletched shafts
  • Cleans any non-conductive material from the shaft and squares it at the same time
  • Improves accuracy
  • Allows fletched shafts to be squared due to the F.A.S.T. tool's fletching clearance
  • A must when building precision hunting arrows
  • Sturdy construction, made of aircraft grade aluminium that has been hard anodised to withstand years of use
  • Can be mounted to your bow bench with pre-drilled mounting holes to secure it with 2 screws so that it stays where you need it
  • Designed for use with carbon, aluminium, or composite arrow shafts
  • Includes 3 additional self adhesive abrasive sanding discs
  • Measures 17.15cm high x 2.54cm wide or 6.75in x 1in
  • Weighs just 170.1 grams or 6 ounces
  • Information and tips are included on the reverse of the clamshell
  • Made in USA

Perfectly square your arrows for broadheads to spin true and to create a perfectly flat surface for nocks to seat against.

The FAST tool is exactly as its name implies, fast & very easy to use. The essential tool for your archery workshop. Buy a Lumenok FAST Arrow Squaring Tool today.

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