BCY Dyneema 02 Bow String Material 1-4 lb black

Brand: BCY

BCY is dedicated to serving the needs of archers to develop, test & provide the latest & best in bowstring material, constantly experimenting with ways to adapt the latest fibres. BCY is the choice of hunters & archers everywhere & is used by major bow manufacturers.

BCY Dyneema 02 Bow String Material 1-4 lb black

BCY Dyneema 02 Bow String Material 1-4 lb black Description

BCY Dyneema 02 bowstring material is currently on Special. Normally $82.50 a roll, but out they go at just $59.95, only while stocks last. Save a healthy $22.55 off the retail price, but hurry as this bargain is running out fast and once they're gone...well, they're gone.

Dyneema 02 - Bowstring designed specifically for recurve shooters. Extra light, smooth, low wax finish. Safe. Reliable. Durable. Dyneema 02 is similar to DynaFLIGHT 97. Low creep and low stretch with very high strength. Precision twist level to suit recurve bows.

BCY uses mostly Spectra for serving material and Dyneema for bowstring material and both are HMPE (High Modulus Polyethylene) material and both are very, very strong and breakages are rare. However less creep or stretch will be experienced with SK75 Dyneema because it is stronger. Breakages can occur from abrasion, rough spots at the ends of the bow but not because of fibre strength if the correct number of strands are used.

Available in 1-4 lb (4oz) spools, black.

Bowstring material with safety, stability, speed and durability - rely on BCY.

BCY Dyneema 02 bowstring material is currently on special. Normally $82.50 a roll, on special at just $59.95. Save a healthy $22.55 off the retail price, but only while current stocks last. Hurry as this bargain will not last long. This is your chance to save $22.55 off the price. Don't Miss Out.

Bowstring Diameter/Recommended number of strands 14 strands. All bowstring material is relatively flat in a single strand, so it is not appropriate to publish a diameter of the individual strand. The important issue is how many strands are required to give a satisfactory nock fit, which is what the above recommendation shows. These numbers can vary according to nock type/size and personal preference. Recommended strands are for typical modern compound bows. Plus or minus two strands is normal.

Approximate feet per lb waxed 6500. Please note bowstring specifications are published so stringmakers can get an idea of how many finished strings can be built from a spool. Due to variables in the manufacturing process, BCY is unable to guarantee exact specifications.

Breaking Strengths are no longer published by BCY because discrepancies occur, due to different test methods. BCY can provide minimum breaking strength information upon request, but as a general guide, Dyneema 02 has a 120lbs break strength. It should be noted that all modern materials far exceed the strength required to perform satisfactorily as a bowstring material.

BCY manufactures and supplies products in accordance with these specifications. If used correctly, the material will serve the purpose for which it was intended as a bowstring or as a serving material. All BCY products are extensively tested and offer a full range of material for the archery market. There are many variables which can significantly effect performance of the bowstring material. Some examples include number of strands and/or of twists, type of serving material, tightness of serving material, width of cam grooves on bow, amount of lubrication, type of release, condition of cam wheel, yoke system on cables, degree of string maintenance. As BCY cannot control these variables, BCY cannot accept responsibility for problems arising from strings, cables or servings.

Model Status: Superseded

The BCY Dyneema 02 Bow String Material 1-4 lb black has been replaced by the
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