Trophy Ridge React H5 sight camo

Brand: Trophy Ridge

This Trophy Ridge sight has everything - tool-less, ultra bright pins, glo ring, sight light, sight level and five .019 fibre optic pins - React H5 sight with React Technology is big on performance, rugged and dependable and even bigger on value

Trophy Ridge React H5 sight camo

Trophy Ridge React H5 sight camo Description

Combining vibration reducing advanced construction with easy to use React Technology, the React H5 Sight from Trophy Ridge helps archers take their accuracy to the next level.

This innovative sight utilises mathematical precision to quickly and accurately sight in for unparalleled performance when it matters most.

Perfect precision. Season after season. In less than 10 minutes.

Make set up a cinch. React Technology accurately predicts what each pin gap will be, based on the distance between your 20 yard pin and any other yardage.

3 easy steps to sight in your React H5 sight

  • 1. Sight in your 20 yard pin using the tool-less micro windage and elevation adjustments
  • 2. For the next pin step back to 30 yards and fine tune at that distance before shooting the remaining pins
  • 3. Once you have 2 pins sighted in accurately, the rest of your pins will be automatically set. It's that easy

Smart Pin Technology accurately predicts what each pin gap will be based on the distance between your 20 yard pin and any other yardage.

Turning the master adjustment knob just a quarter turn barely moves the 30 yard pin, while the 60 yard pin moves substantially more. This shows the movement of each pin at the designated yardage based on just a quarter turn of the knob.

This trustworthy 5 pin bow sight utilises Ballistix CoPolymer construction to give you a lightweight sight with great strength that resists and reduces vibration.

There is no other sight like it. And only Trophy Ridge has it.

The five .019 pins feature bright fibre optic dots for easy sighting, even in failing light.

Tool-free React Technology helps you sight in all 5 pins in less than 10 minutes, setting the three longest distance pins automatically after you set the 2 shortest.

Second-axis adjustment helps bowhunters strengthen accuracy over longer distances, while the advanced tool-less micro click windage and elevation adjustments makes precise correction easy.

Rheostat light allows you to adjust the brightness of the fibre optics to match any hunting situation.

Designed for 240-330 fps bows.

Sight comes with mounting hardware, light and battery.

  • Perfect precision in less than 10 minutes
  • Reduces vibration while maintaining light weight strength with Ballistix CoPolymer construction, the strength of aluminium but 25% lighter
  • Soft touch Ballistix coating delivers added vibration reduction
  • Mathematical precision of React Technology automatically adjusts all pins to the optimal location out to 60 yards
  • React technology reduces time sighting-in, increases time in the field
  • Make easy corrections with advanced tool-less micro-click windage and elevation adjustments
  • Strengthen accuracy over longer distances with second axis adjustment
  • 5 horizontal tough as nails .019 fibre optic metal pins
  • Ultra bright pins - even in failing or low light
  • Innovative front, clear fibre optic ring
  • Adjust brightness to suit any shooting condition with the rheostat light
  • Rheostat sight light built-in, channels the light to only the ends of the sight pins
  • Measured arrow speed 240-330 fps
  • Contrast Glo Ring for quick target acquisition
  • Bubble sight level
  • Includes sight, mounting hardware and rheostat light and battery
  • Comes in Right Hand only
  • Available in camo finish. Also available in a black finish which is sold separately
  • Delivers rugged dependability
  • Sighting instructions included

No other sight gives you the speed and precision of the React sight. Faster to sight in and mathematically impossible to be inaccurate, the React sight will make you a better shooter.

Ultra light with field tested strength. The all new React H5 sight will change the way you look at your current sight. The React H5 5 pin fibre optic sight with micro adjust, toolless, sight light, bubble level and glo ring utilises Trophy Ridge's exclusive React Technology making it the most accurate sight in existence. Get a Trophy Ridge React H5 sight today.

Model Status: Superseded

The Trophy Ridge React H5 sight camo has been replaced by the
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