Gunstar Pro Series Sight Tapes


Gunstar Pro Series Sight Tapes make it easier to aim

Gunstar Pro Series Sight Tapes

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Gunstar Pro Series Sight Tapes Description

Gunstar Pro Series Sight Tapes are the most advanced ready printed sight tapes available today. Available in three different series to accommodate your bow's performance.

A (200 to 245 fps), B (240 to 290 fps) and C (280 to 330 fps). B and C are the only stocked tapes due to the performance of today's modern high performance bows.

The tapes are waterproof and printed with UV ink directly onto waterproof self-adhesive vinyl.

Each tape is colour coded (14 to 29 yards white, 30 to 39 yards yellow, 40 to 49 yards green and 50 to 59 yards red) to avoid miss setting your sight in the heat of competition or in the intense environment of setting your sight to shoot that trophy buck.

Selecting the correct tape is easy. Simply get an accurate 20 yards setting. We suggest doing this at the smallest dot possible. Then get a 60 yards setting. If 60 yards is beyond your accurate range, move closer to 50 or 40 yards and obtain a setting. Measure between the two marks, then match this up with a tape that has the same gap between 20 and 50 on the chart.

The most effective tool to measure this is a Vernier caliper, otherwise a stationery ruler will suffice. At a pinch, there is a ruler printed out on the vinyl with each pack of tapes.

When selecting a tape, if you are at the tail end of a chart, it is best to jump up to the next sheet and select a tape.

Due to each tape being 1fps apart, you will often find that 3 or 4 different numbered tapes will work for your set up.

Specs at a glance

  • Printed with UV ink onto waterproof self adhesive vinyl
  • Stocked in two series of B (240-290 fps) and C (280-330 fps). Please specify choice. Slow tape A (200-245 fps) is not a stocked item but can be special ordered. Please enquire
  • Average tape difference is 1 fps between tapes
  • The colour coded ranges help to avoid sight setting errors
  • All tapes range from sub 20 yards to 110 yards
  • Most archers find that the tapes are so close together that they can use several on each page

Gone are the days of pencilling in your sight marks. Take advantage of the accuracy that Gunstar Pro Series Sight Tapes can provide. Buy a Gunstar Pro Series Sight Tape today.

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