Product Review of Bohning Blazer Broadhead Vanes by Mark Burrows


Product Review of Bohning Blazer Broadhead Vanes by Mark Burrows

As an archer who has always used five inch vanes on my hunting arrows and three inch vanes on my target shafts, I was a bit sceptical that these seemingly miniscule vanes could do the job. I tested both alloys and large and small diameter carbons, using the 2" Blazer Broadhead Vanes on my broadhead arrows and the 1.5" Mini-Blazers on my target arrows.

The tests were conducted using the Jennings CK3.4R set at 68lb for the hunting arrows and the Jennings 3.5 set at 55lb for the target work. Arrows used were Easton aluminium 2216 and Easton Axis 340 with 2 blade broadheads weighing 130 grains and three and four blade broadheads weighing 125 grains. The target arrows were Easton FatBoy 500 and Easton LightSpeed 500, both with 100 grain target points. Both bows were shot using the Scott Itty Bitty Goose release aid off a D loop.

The broadhead tests were conducted at 40 metres, a distance I considered far enough to get a good group indication but close enough to accurately assess group potential according to my ability. The target arrow tests were conducted at 60 metres. At this stage I must point out the tests were solely my personal findings at my level of ability.

After shooting several groups with all broadhead, vane and arrow combinations, I could not find any difference in the average group size between 5" standard vanes and the 2" Blazer Broadhead Vanes. In the target arrows, the LightSpeed 500s had no difference in the average group size between 3" standard vanes and the 1.5" Mini Blazer. However the FatBoy 500s average group size was 15mm smaller with the Mini-Blazers compared to the 3" standard vanes.

From a broadhead point of view, you may ask "Why change to Blazers?" The groups are the same. What is the benefit? Considering there was no loss of accuracy with the smaller vanes, then I can see many, many benefits.

Blazer Broadhead vanes are lighter and are made by The Bohning Company, Ltd of Lake City, Michigan, USA and a name, since 1946, synonymous with archery products including Fletch-Tite adhesives, Tex-Tite and Seal-Tite Bowstring Waxes and quivers. (The 2" Blazer Broadhead vane weighs 5 grains and a 5" vane weighs 15 grains, that's a 30 grain saving, which would give you a better front of centre balance and slightly flatter trajectory). The smaller surface area of the Blazer Broadhead gives your arrow the potential for less wind drift on cross wind shots. This also results in less wind catching on the bow itself when you have a bow quiver full of arrows. The arrow is also quieter and less visible in the air which I see as a major advantage on flighty game like deer, renowned for their arrow dodging ability. Vane clearance on arrow rests is also no longer a problem compared to 4 and 5 inch vanes.

At the target course, none of the above factors are really a consideration, as most archers run fairly small vanes anyway. Although if you are shooting large diameter carbons, the 1.5" Mini-Blazers could be worth a try.

Overall I was very impressed with both the 2" and 1.5" vanes, so much so that all my shafts are now wearing Blazers.

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Mark Burrows hails from country Victoria and has a list of target and bowhunting achievements that would make most archers pale. He has achieved Master Bowhunter at branch level 10 times; has numerous Best of Species awards; at a national level, he has achieved either Bowhunter or Trophy Bowhunter every year for the last 10 years; a Best of Species each year for the last 5 years; holds the current Australian record for Sambar deer bringing to 5 different Species in the Australian Bowhunters Association's (ABA's) top 10 list, being Sambar, Hog deer, Chital deer, Boar and Shark; he has been the Australian Champion Bowhunter for the last 2 years; he was the first ABA member to claim the then 14 claimable species of game and when this was extended to 19 species, Mark was the first to have all 19 claimable species of game; 1st at the 2007 National Safari in Bowhunter Unlimited and also won the 2007 Australian Champion Bowhunter which is understood to be the first time that both these titles have been won by the same person and in the same year. Mark has numerous awards (possibly in excess of 250 trophies) to his name and is active at branch and national level in his sport in ABA, IFAA and 3D. He has ventured onto the world stage with a 1st in his class at the 2002 World IFAA titles in Scotland, United Kingdom. His eye for detail is a rare gift. His achievements go on and he does give gladly of his time with articles he writes, contributions to the ABA board and his work at branch level and amongst all these archery activities, he runs a busy commercial venture in his home town. We trust you will enjoy Mark's article.

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