How to transport, protect and store your compound bow in a hard bow case


How to transport, protect and store your compound bow in a hard bow case

A quality case makes hunting safe and enjoyable for you and those around you.

Choosing the right protective case can be daunting and then the sizes of protective cases that are available. The trick is to choose a high quality case that meets your specific needs and is tailored to your lifestyle. Ask yourself a few questions:

  • Do you need extra protection for your bow during a special hunting trip?
  • Is long term storage important?
  • Do you want a case that is reliable, season after season?
  • Is safety in the home a high priority?
  • Do you need an airline approved case for cross country or international flights?
  • What about a water tight/airtight case during inclement weather?

It's important to answer these questions so that you can make an educated decision about the case that's right for you.

Quality is Important

A high quality hard bow case should last through the years, protecting your bow and keeping it safe when you're not using it. The outer shell must be tougher than nails, and able to withstand abuse. Look for an airline approved case. That will tell you it's tough enough to withstand the rough handling of airline travel. Check out the handles, they should be strong and big enough to accommodate gloved hands. There should be nothing flimsy about the hinges, which must be able to stand up to thousands of opening/closing sequences as well as be impervious to the work of thieves. For maximum bow protection, look for a case that comes standard with plenty of foam. Foam offers several protective advantages including the fact that the proper cleaning of your bow before placing it in your case actually ages the foam and acts as a retardant against rust. As well, full interior foam allows you to safely place your bow and accessories safely within the case and the thick foam enables these cases to withstand an incredible amount of rough handling and abuse while still protecting the contents from damage.

Safety is Rule One

One very important safety feature to look for is a lockable case. A lockable case makes it easier for you to control who has access to your bow, as well as securing it from thieves and curious children in the home. You should be able to safely and easily secure it through a built-in key lock. Some cases even allow multiple locks to be used.

Getting the Right Fit

Now that you've settled the quality and safety issues

  • Which case do you buy? That depends on your bow.
  • Will you be transporting one bow, or two?
  • Do you want to store accessories with your bow.
  • Do you have a stabiliser?
  • Do you need to carry it on your motor bike or roof rack?

What About Bows and Arrows?

Archery equipment is extremely sensitive, requiring proper protection. The worst thing you can do is throw a hunting bow in the back seat of a car or in the back of a utility or truck and go bouncing down the highway or worse still on an unsealed country bush track. That's where a quality hard-sided, foam-lined case comes in handy. Look for a case that will accommodate your bow and arrows. Ultimately, choosing the right protective case is a personal choice based on quality, safety and personal preference. The right case should make it easy for you to transport, protect and safely store your archery equipment all year long.

Arrow Case

And don't forget about your arrows and other accessories. Choosing a smaller, quality case for these items, will keep them safely stored and protected, especially during the off season.

Cleaning and Storage Tips

Before storing any bow, first make sure the string has been waxed.

Long Term Storage

When storing a bow for an extended period of time, it is recommended that you first make sure the foam is completely dry and the bow is completely cleaned and free of all dirt or mud.

Cleaning Your Protective Case

Cleaning the exterior of any quality moulded bow case is easy. Firstly, because the foam absorbs moisture readily and will retain moisture when the case is closed, remove the foam from the case, and set it aside where it can air out and any trace moisture can evaporate. Then wash the outer shell with a mild soap or detergent solution and rinse with clean water. To enhance the beauty after drying it off, the case may be coated with any automotive product used to clean and preserve vinyl upholstery.

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