Understanding the need for razor sharp broadheads


Understanding the need for razor sharp broadheads
by AbbeyArchery.com.au

The following information on sharpening broadheads is presented by kind courtesy of TruAngle Broadhead Hones of Wabash, Indiana, USA, manufacturers of great broadhead sharpeners, like the TruAngle Broadhead Hone S-24 Files. Sadly the owners of TruAngle Broadhead Hones have since retired, but their valuable information has survived for all bowhunters to read and use when sharpening their broadheads.

TruAngle Broadhead Hones present this information to help all bowhunters understand the need for razor sharp broadheads, how to make them sharp and keep them sharp.

The need for sharp broadheads

Experienced bowhunters know the need for the sharpest broadheads possible. Arrows kill by causing an animal to bleed to death. Dull broadheads push or pass by blood vessels and do not severe them. You cannot get a quick, clean kill with a dull broadhead. Arrow wounds with dull broadheads also leave a faint or non-existent blood trail, making game animals difficult to find. The goal at TruAngle is for all bowhunters to use the sharpest broadheads possible.

What makes them dull

Many things will cause a broadhead to become dull. Contact with foam-lined bow quivers will dull a head after time. Oxidation and rust are very damaging to all types of broadheads. Even stainless steel blades will oxidize when left unattended. Razor-sharp edges are very fragile. After sharpening broadheads or putting them together, they never get sharper, just duller. The only way to be sure you are using the sharpest blades possible is to touch them up or sharpen them regularly. Bowhunting is a challenging sport. After hours of waiting and waiting, you owe it to yourself and to the game to use razor-sharp broadheads on every hunt.

Sharpening broadheads

Sharpening anything is easy if you set up correct, accurate angles between the broadhead being sharpened and the sharpening device. This is why TruAngle invented their line of broadhead hones. Their hones automatically hold accurate sharpening angles because the files are secured on a wooden platform and they sharpen two edges at once. A bowhunter does not need to be an expert to sharpen broadheads. Anyone can now sharpen and re-sharpen broadheads perfectly, every time.

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