Easton ACC Pro Hunting shaft dozen

Brand: Easton

Get broadhead accuracy, slim diameter for increased penetration and less wind drift, micro smooth finish, thicker shaft wall for increased durability & more kinetic energy down range with Easton ACC Pro Hunting

Easton ACC Pro Hunting shaft dozen Description

Pro Hunters know the game. Pro Hunters know how to hunt and the Pros know what to shoot.

For over 20 years, champions have relied on ACC arrow shafts for higher tournament scores and deadly results for bowhunting.

Arrow shafts cut to length, free

Now the ACC hits new heights with a redesigned system that's optimised specifically for hunters, the Easton ACC Pro Hunting Series.

At the heart of it all, ACC Pro starts with a small diameter alloy core built to the highest tolerances. That means arrows fly true and penetrate deeper.

Next, layers of specialised light weight carbon are added to provide strength and higher velocity.

Exact HP inserts align broadheads and the new X Nock Uni system finishes off the perfect hunting package.

Professional hunting series A/C/C now optimised for hunting.

Get the broadhead accuracy of HP Inserts with the speed & precision of SuperLite Alloy/Carbon arrows.

Slim Technology

Patent-pending slim diameter for increased penetration and less wind drift. Thicker shaft wall for increased durability and more kinetic energy down range. Micro smooth finish for reduced wear on the arrow rest, quiet draw & release and easier target removal.

High Precision inserts

High Precision inserts use extended design for more shaft contact, improved point/broadhead alignment and easier tuning for tighter groups. More precise and accurate than conventional carbon arrow inserts. Extended design provides more contact for improved point-to-shaft alignment. Patent-pending insert system.

  • Factory installed cresting
  • Pre-installed black X Nocks
  • Pre-installed X-UNI bushings
  • HP inserts included
  • High-strength carbon fibres and epoxy resin matrix bonded to a precision 7075 alloy core tube
  • Black, micro-smooth 9-micron polished finish
  • Guaranteed straightness +/-.002". Their straightness measurements are actual and surpass, with a far more stringent straightness requirement, ATA/ASTM industry standard. Easton measure straightness based on the full length of the shaft, minus two inches, which makes Easton arrows the most accurate in the industry. What they say is what you get and better
  • Weight tolerance +/- .05 grains. Accuracy requires weight consistency. Different weights will cause arrows to hit higher or lower. Easton adhere to strict weight tolerances in every arrow they manufacture, guaranteeing consistent arrow performance. Whether you are aiming for gold, or bearing down on a trophy elk, you know that the critical shot you are about to take, will be as perfect as your practice shot
  • A/C (Alloy/Carbon) is used by more medal winners and top bowhunters than any other arrow type
  • Easton's exclusive process ensures a strong bond of the carbon fibre to the alloy core
  • Available in 390 shaft size only. Easton arrows, produced with their advanced technology and manufacturing processes, deliver uniform spine between all arrow shafts of the same size and 360 degrees around each shaft. With Easton, you know that your next arrow will fly like the last

Tournament tested accuracy and superior knockdown power. "I seek target accuracy in a hunting arrow. Pro Hunting Series boasts the same legendary A/C technology that has won every Olympic medal since 1996. A/C/C's have machined HP Inserts, SuperLite Alloy/Carbon engineering for tack-driving precision, unrivalled kinetic energy, blistering speed and superior knockdown power. The A/C/C Pro Hunting Series fills my freezer like no other arrow can."

Put it all together for a low profile, fast projectile that delivers lethal hits with surgical precision.

The ultimate tool for advanced bowhunters. Shoot like a Pro today, with ACC Pro Hunting series from Easton.

Model Status: Superseded

The Easton ACC Pro Hunting shaft dozen is no longer available. It has been replaced by the
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