Abbey Wallaby RTH Package

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Abbey Wallaby - a twin cam solid recurve limb compound bow in autumn camo for those budding archers who want to shoot just like Dad - at a very hot price

Abbey Wallaby RTH Package

Abbey Wallaby RTH Package Description

The Abbey Wallaby Ready to Shoot Bow Package is a solid limb compound bow. The Wallaby by Abbey Archery in autumn camo with its 8125 string and cables is the next step up from the Brumby. This is a favourite bow among young archers with its 34" axle to axle giving you the right length for a very good release. You do not have to mortgage the house for your child to be kitted out just like Dad - just pick up a Wallaby.

With the Wallaby's great price, you will have money to spare to purchase other accessories.

The Wallaby comes in autumn camo pattern.

Bow specs at a glance

  • Weight 18lbs
  • Draw range 24"-26"
  • Let-Off 70%
  • Cam Tri-module Cam
  • Limbs Composite Solid Recurve
  • Riser Composite
  • IBO Speed 95fps
  • Axle to Axle 34"
  • Brace Height 6.5"
  • Mass weight 3.2lbs
  • Integrated Moulded Grip
  • Available in right hand only
  • Camo Colour - autumn camo pattern

Abbey Wallaby compound bow includes

  • Arrow Rest
  • Two pin sight
  • 2 piece Bow Quiver
  • 2 fibreglass arrows
  • Finger Tab
  • Armguard

The Abbey Wallaby is also available in a complete ready-to-shoot bow package - including a fibre optic sight, two prong arrow rest, stabiliser, bow quiver, release aid, release loop and arrows to suit, set up and ready to shoot and depending on your budget, can also include a hard or soft bow case, a 3D animal practice target, a ShotBlocker block target, a DeadStop bag target or a round or square target butt.

The Wallaby bow package includes your accessories expertly installed and set up. This is a value for money action package that sizzles and is ready to go. If you bought all of these accessories separately, the accessories would not be installed on the bow, ready to shoot. Just like Dad's bow is what your young archer will say when they shoot their Wallaby from Abbey Archery. Wallaby is a step in the right direction to give the young archer a bow at a price nowhere near the price of Dad's bow. The Wallaby compound bow package comes with a sight, 2 arrows, bow quiver and an arrow rest to start them off on the right foot.

We can also tailor a special bow package to your budget or to suit your requirements for the Wallaby or for any bow - please enquire and we can help you select the accessories that are right for you or we will be happy to provide a quote to you.

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Bow Cams: Twin Cam
Limbs: Solid Straight
Speed: 95 feet per sec.
Axle to Axle: 34 inches
Brace Height: 6.5 inches

Model Status: Superseded

The Abbey Wallaby RTH Package has been replaced by the
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