Abbey Kangaroo Recurve Bow Set 50in Black RH

Brand: Abbey Archery

Kangaroo 50" youth take down recurve bow set in black and with accessories. Enjoy archery with a Kangaroo recurve

Abbey Kangaroo Recurve Bow Set 50in Black RH

Abbey Kangaroo Recurve Bow Set 50in Black RH Description

The Kangaroo is a youth take down recurve bow set in black and is fun for the budding young recurve archer who wants their own Robin Hood bow. Kangaroo comes with accessories which include arrow rest, 2 pin sight, 2 piece bow quiver, 2 fibreglass arrows, finger tab and armguard.

Tons of kids started out with a Kangaroo style recurve - ideal as a starter bow and the Kangaroo will not break the bank.

Abbey Kangaroo Recurve specs at a glance

  • Draw Weight 15lbs at 22" draw length
  • Length 50"
  • Mass Weight 2.9lbs
  • Limbs Compression Moulded Fibreglass Recurve
  • Riser - Aluminium
  • Speed 70fps
  • Integral Grip
  • Colour black
  • Lightweight for easy holding
  • Only available in Right Hand

Abbey Kangaroo Recurve bow includes

  • E-Z Draw arrow rest (to secure your arrow on the rest while you are drawing back your bowstring)
  • 2 pin sight (to take aim at your target)
  • 2 piece bow quiver (to hold your arrows)
  • 2 fibreglass arrows (to get your budding archer up and running. Most new archers (or their Mums and Dads) wisely purchase an extra dozen or half dozen arrows)
  • Finger tab (to protect your shooting fingers and to ensure a smooth release of the bowstring)
  • Armguard (to protect the inside of your forearm from string slap)
  • Black take-down limbs (for easy storage and transportation)
  • Black handle or riser (your limbs attach to the handle)
  • Dacron bow string (strung between the bow tips, to propel your arrow forward)

Depending on your budget, you can also purchase a hard or soft bow case, a 3D animal practice target, a ShotBlocker block target, a DeadStop bag target or a round or square target butt.

The Kangaroo in black by Abbey Archery is a bow just like the Wallaby compound bow package, only a recurve bow that includes a sight, 4 arrows, bow quiver, an arrow rest and armguard to start them off on the right foot. This is a great starter package for a youth archer who wants to be just like Dad. Kangaroo is at a great price. Perfect for the beginner recurve bow hunter and archer. Enjoy the thrill of archery and hitting the target. In no time at all, you will be hitting the bull's eye!

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Limbs: Solid
Speed: 70 feet per sec.
Axle to Axle: 50 inches
Brace Height: 7.75 inches

Model Status: Superseded

The Abbey Kangaroo Recurve Bow Set 50in Black RH has been replaced by the
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