Beman ICS Hunter Junior arrow dozen

Brand: Beman

Need a high quality carbon arrow for shorter draws and lighter draw weight bows, then Beman ICS Hunter Junior is ideal, with a thicker wall for durability and deeper penetration, micro smooth finish for quiet draw and easier target removal

Beman ICS Hunter Junior arrow dozen

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Beman ICS Hunter Junior arrow dozen Description

Get great performance for archers with shorter draws and lighter draw weights with the Beman ICS Hunter Junior carbon arrow.

Arrow shafts cut to length, free

40 lbs maximum bow poundage with Beman ICS Hunter Junior carbon arrows.

Junior arrows give archers of all ages an opportunity to enjoy the sport with high quality equipment.

Let junior's confidence grow from the very first shot! All bowhunters big or small deserve serious arrows and high-strength Beman ICS C2 carbon delivers with the new ICS Hunter Junior.

The Hunter Junior promises outstanding performance, after all, Beman invented carbon arrows. An opportunity for all ages.

The Hunter Junior offer strength and lightweight Beman carbon for a perfect balance of speed and long-lasting durability.

Proper spine selection is the key to optimum arrow flight. Spined perfectly for lower poundage bows, these arrows are ideal for the beginning archer or anyone shooting less than 40 lbs of draw weight.

Increased weight ratio for increased energy transfer and penetration.

Carbon composite construction and factory-installed super nocks offer up a high-strength, durable arrow for lighter bows.

These arrows are factory cut and come in a stock length of 28 inches and inserted and fletched with 3" vanes and use a 9-32" point.

Arrow nock colour and fletching colour on arrows is selected at the factory and depending on production runs, colours may vary.

All arrows come in dozens and will be the same fletching and nock colour combination.

Arrow weight is 7.3 grains per inch.

  • Straightness +/- .003"
  • Weight Tolerance +/- 2.0 grains
  • Diameter 9/32
  • Shaft composition - high strength carbon composite fibre construction for durability and hoop strength
  • Multi layered design increases accuracy, durability and consistency
  • Unidirectional carbon fibre core
  • Thicker wall, unidirectional high strength carbon fibres for durability and deeper penetration
  • Micro smooth finish provides quiet draw and release and easier target removal
  • One size arrow suits bows up to 40 pounds draw weight
  • Direct fit Super Nock 13 grains factory installed
  • CB Inserts 12 grains installed
  • Factory fletched with 3" vanes 7 grains each
  • Arrow length 28"
  • ViBrake Nock & Insert compatible sold separately
  • Arrows weigh 7.3 grains per inch
  • 9-32 RPS point
  • Broadhead Adaptor Rings (BAR) 7

This is what some people who bought Beman ICS Hunter Junior arrows have said.

"Good. 4 out of 5 stars. This arrow is awesome!!! I shot a cottontail at 20 yards through the heart with these arrows. They are tough and fly great!!!" From rabbitswithbows, USA

"Great Product. 4 out of 5 stars. I wanted something off the shelf and purchased these arrows for use with my first recurve bow. The price is less than half of most custom arrows and spine was a decent match for my 40lb recurve. However, as a novice, I had not yet learned that feather fletching, not vanes, is what you need for shooting off the shelf with a traditional bow. I decided the quality of the arrows was good enough to justify the cost of having them re-fletched with feathers by my local pro shop. I am very happy with their performance and feel that they are very good value. Although I have moved on to custom arrows for the recurve, I plan to buy these again for my grandson to use with his first compound bow. Also, these arrows work much better than the much heavier fibreglass arrows in our several traditional youth/kids bows." From Robert of Stilwel, Kansas, USA.

"Great Buy! 5 out of 5 stars. Got these for my daughter to shoot with her Hoyt Ruckus." From Barlow of Hamden, New York, USA

"Worked Very Good! 5 out of 5 stars. Advantages - ease of use, durability, performs well, value for money, quality. These things are indestructible. I missed the target a few times, but it did nothing to them. They are very accurate with my Hoyt bow. I would recommend them."

"Good Product. 5 out of 5 stars. Good quality at a good price." From Runningstitch of Mesa, Arizona, USA.

"Great Arrows for Kids. 5 out of 5 stars. Advantages - ease of use, durability, performs well, value for money, quality. I bought these arrows for my son to use with his 1st bow, a PSE Deputy. They are very durable and I've used them as well on my 62" Razorback, although they are a little on the short side for me. Good price for a quality arrow." From TampaSam of USA

"They are a good beginner arrow. 5 out of 5 stars. These are great carbon arrows and the price is not much more than the cheap fibreglass kids arrows. They do need to be cut to size." From Hoytshooter71 of Arkansas, USA

"Arrows that you can trust. 5 out of 5 stars. Advantages - Durability, performs well, value for money, quality. My son uses these. He's just starting out. I have cut them at 24" and put 75 grain tips on them. They fly very well. He has missed the target a couple of times and there has been no damage to the shaft or fletchings." From Archer22 of Ozark, Missouri, USA.

"Great Buy! 5 out of 5 stars. Advantages - ease of use, performs well, quality. I shoot a lot and the Beman arrows are awesome. I've shot trees and other things by accident and they still shoot like brand new." From Tannman of Tennessee, USA

"Great product! 5 out of 5 stars. My son shoots these on his new Oydessy 2. They shoot very accurately. They out-shot the Carbon Express arrows 2 to 1. Great product!" From Odyssey2 of USA

"Great product! 5 out of 5 stars. These arrows are great for people who shoot under 40 pounds. They do not cost very much and are great for target practicing. My arrow hit a tree and it still works just fine. They are made of carbon and shoot really well." From BowhunterSD of Bethel, Ohio, USA

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"love these arrows all 4 of my kids uses them they fly well and balanced great. have been using them on Easton beginner takedown recurve bow & HOYT RUCKUS JR. bows" - Graham from Portland VIC on 04/09/2015

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