Bow Tip Protector No 1X 12.7mm x 7.94mm

Brand: AMG

AAD Bow Tip Protector is used to protect your recurve or longbow when resting on the ground at either 3DAAA, ABA or FITA shoots or tournaments or out in the field or bowhunting. Works great on Samick, InterNature, Martin & Bear recurves and longbows

Bow Tip Protector No 1X 12.7mm x 7.94mm

Bow Tip Protector No 1X 12.7mm x 7.94mm Description

Protect your bow's delicate limb tips from scuffs, scratches and excessive wear and tear with a universal bow tip protector. This tip protector also holds the lower string loop in place and is an inexpensive way to keep your bow in tip-top shape.

Use a bow tip protector on the lower limb while in the field hunting.

The special soft pliable rubber blend stretches to fit both recurve bow tips and longbow tips.

Bow tip protectors for traditional bows, both recurves and longbows have a stretch factor over 200% by volume, made of a special brown rubber material.

The lower limb tip of your bow takes quite a bit of abuse and needs to be protected more than the upper limb tip.

Any time you lean your bow against a tree by standing it on the lower limb tip, or rest the limb tip on the ground, whether it be soil, cement or rocks, you run the risk of damaging the bow tip and string loop.

A bow tip protector will save wear and damage to the lower limb tip, as well as keep the lower string loop securely in the string nock while the bow is unstrung.

For recurves, it is easy to install, just select the size which fits snugly over the lower tip area, just below the string. Warm the tip protector in a closed hand for a few seconds before installing and watch as it conforms to the shape of your bow. Rotate while pushing to force over the string loop.

For longbows, provide a string exit hole with a common paper punch.

Bow Tip Protector Size No 1X for reinforced Fast Flight longbows & reinforced narrow recurves has an opening of 12.7mm x 7.94mm or .5" x .3125" and is 38.1mm or 1.5" long.

  • Easy to install
  • Protect delicate limb tips
  • Holds lower string loop in place
  • Slips on - doesn't slip off
  • Save wear and damage to lower limb tip
  • Soft pliable rubber conforms to the shape of your bow

Model Status: Superseded

The Bow Tip Protector No 1X 12.7mm x 7.94mm has been replaced by the
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