The US bow manufacturers typically release their new ranges around October, so we expect to see the 2016 bows from Bear, BowTech, Diamond, Elite, Hoyt, Mathews, Mission, Win & Win and SF Archery, from late September on.

This page is for information, pictures and buzz we hear about 2016 compound and recurve target and hunting bows. We suggest you frequently check back here to get the latest information and pictures.

Abbey Archery will bring you the full details as we learn them and we will be sure to include top quality photographs.


All 2016 bows - December 1, 2015

Now see the entire range of 2016 bows with large photographs and full specifications!

Mathews Archery 2016 Bows - November 17, 2015

Mathews Halon 2016 bow

Mathews released their 2016 range today - the No Cam HTX and the Halon (see picture).

The Crosscentric™ Cam employs a partially concentric string payout and AVS® Technology to produce a stealthy draw and consistent accuracy, while delivering speeds up to 353 feet per second.

Wider, more torsionally rigid limbs and the new dual bridged riser is designed to support this powerful cam system and endure the toughest hunting conditions. A true centre nocking point ensures straight and level nock travel, further enhancing shot-to-shot consistency.

Outfitted with the new FlatBack Grip™ and industry leading Harmonic Damper® and Harmonic Stabiliser, the Halon™ is rock solid and deadly quiet.

Available in 5 finishes including the new Lost Camo XD:

Mathews 2016 Lost Camo finish

We'll have full details up for you, shortly!

Talk about Mathews 2016 bows - October 27, 2015

It is expected that Mathews 2016 bows will be released mid November. After the ground breaking release of the No Cam last year, Mathews is sure to do something new with such an awesome cam system.

We have heard talk of a new flagship bow from Mathews and it may even be pushing some pretty decent speeds.

Other talk is about the release of some new Mathews accessories! We are sure that would be a welcome item for all of you Mathews die hards out there!

Keep checking back to Abbey Archery's preview page for the latest on all the 2016 brands.

Full details of Hoyt 2016 Bows at Abbey Archery - October 14, 2015

Check our 2016 Bows page for complete details of each of the Hoyt 2016 bow range including the Defiant, Carbon Defiant, Hyperedge, Carbon Spyder FX and Powermax.

Hoyt Archery 2016 Bows - October 14, 2015

Hoyt 2016 Product Launch

Hoyt released the following today:

Hoyt HyperEdge 2016 Target Bow >Hoyt Carbon Defiant 2016 Hunting Bow Hoyt Defiant 2016 Hunting BowHoyt Defiant 2016 Hunting Bow DetailsHoyt Ignite 2016 Shred Colour Series Hoyt Carbon Spyder FX 2016 Hunting Bow Details Hoyt Powermax 2016 Hunting Bow

Abbey Archery will have all the details. Stay tuned.

Hoyt Archery 2016 Bows Teasers - October 13, 2015

Hoyt released the following today:

Bear Archery 2016 Bows to be released October 13

Abbey Archery will have all the details. Stay tuned.

Bear Archery releases its 2016 Bows - September 29, 2015

Bear released their 2016 bows today.

Abbey Archery has all the details. Check out the Bear 2016 range on our 2016 Bows page.

We have photos and most details up already. Check back for further details later.

Their new flagship bow is the Escape and for women, the Escape SD. New models include the upscale BR33. Ready to Hunt versions are available including the mid priced Threat RTH: Bear Threat 2016 Ready To Hunt bow

Easton, Bear and Carter - September 27, 2015

Bear appear to be on track to release their 2016 range later this week.

We have heard that Easton may be releasing some new micro-diameter hunting shafts and a new Full Metal Jacket. The existing FMJ has been around since 2006, in 6 different varieties. 2016 could be the year for a new one.

After the success of the selected brass range, Carter release aids may offer more models in brass this year.

Talk about Hoyt 2016 bows - September 24, 2015

We have heard that the new Hoyt bows will be previewed on October 16 and that some dealers in the US are being advised to move their carbon bows. Also, all dealers have been advised that new presses or adaptors will be required to service the 2016 bows. Sounds like there will be a new limb configuration for Hoyt 2016 bows.

Talk about Bowtech, Elite and Mathews 2016 bows - August 29, 2015

Bowtech look to be updating their core hunting range of bows - the Insanity CPX & Insanity CPXL and it appears the RPM360, have been closed out.

There is a good chance that Elite will be tweaking the 2015 Victory, as well as doing something to the 2014/2015 Energy 32 & 35 bows.

We believe that Mathews will be continuing their innovative No-cam technology for 2016 models.

Talk about Hoyt 2016 bows - August 27, 2015

2016 Hoyt release is just around the corner and with that the rumours are starting to fly. What is Hoyt going to do this year?

Is a Carbon riser target bow in the mix? There is definitely talk about it but only time will tell.

With as popular as the Carbon Spyder ZT models were in 2015, no one is sure how they can be improved but Hoyt will have something up their sleeve. Maybe a new name with a longer axle to axle?

The Pro Edge Elite is due for some re-vamping and there are some ideas that are floating around. Maybe a faster cam to boost the speed on the Pro Edge Elite to appeal more to the 3D game?

The Nitrum Series should be here to stay, with how well all three models performed over the year.

It seems like new colours are always on the horizon for Hoyt but with introducing so many awesome colours last year, there isn’t much talk of more colours for 2016.

So far Hoyt is the talk of the town, keep checking back to Abbey Archery for the latest updates on 2016 product.

PSE beats everyone to market and releases their 2016 Target Bows - August 21, 2015

PSE Beast 2016

PSE Archery has launched their 2016 target bow range which includes the all new Xpression (315 fps), Supra EXT (328 fps) and Beast EXT (shown above) (350 fps).

Keep checking here for all the latest news and updates on the 2016 range of bows!

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