The US bow manufacturers typically release their new ranges around October, so we expect to see the 2013 bows from Hoyt, Mathews, Mission, Bear, Martin and Rytera in late October.

This page is for information, pictures and buzz we hear about 2013 compound and recurve target and hunting bows. We suggest you frequently check back here to get the latest information and pictures.

Abbey Archery will bring you the full details as we learn them and we will be sure to include top quality photographs.


Update November 5: Mathews 2013 bows released.

We have now added all 2013 Mathews bows to our store.

The Mathews Chill for 2013, has revamped the McPherson series of bows. Utilising the all new DYAD dual cam system, the Chill has enabled an all new level of smooth. At under 4 pounds with a forgiving brace height of 7 inches, this is a very comfortable, extremely efficient speed bow, with claims of being the smoothest dual cam bow ever!

Also, see the video below, about the new Mathews Creed.


Update November 2: Abbey Archery staff member Grant, has carried out his initial review of the Hoyt Carbon Element G3 and Spyder 30 bows (see below).

Stay tuned for more testing and reviews from Abbey staff members; Michael W., Jeanette, Tristan, Emylin, Michael D. and Grant of the 2013 bows

2013 Hoyt Bow Reviews

Carbon Element G3

Well, first bow out of the box this year was the 2013 Hoyt G3 Element, living up to the carbon series of bows, the lack of weight in the G3 was a positive feature. I next had to check out the AirShox technology introduced this year, I was extremely impressed at how solid of a system it is. There is nothing flimsy about the new AirShox, the arm being machined aluminium and the Shox the same type of material that the previous years Alpha Shox were made out of. Another great feature of the AirShox is that they are removable, so if an archer happened to not like them they can be taken off and replaced by any other type of limb dampening product. I highly doubt archers won't like the new AirShox technology as they are very streamlined and effective.

After everyone in the shop had a look at the new G3 element it was time to test it, quickly I installed an arrow rest and d-loop and shot the bow in Abbey's test range with no other components on it. The first thing I noticed before drawing the 2013 G3 element back was the stock standard wood Pro-Fit grip, what an addition! Very comfortable in the hand and it looks sharp as well. Drawing the G3 back was a pleasure, the RKT cams are still smooth as ever, at full draw the wall was very solid. I was also impressed at how well the G3 Element aimed for a 31.5" axle to axle bow. After shooting the G3 I must admit that Hoyt somehow managed to improve on one of the best hunting bows of 2012! No disappointment in my opinion on the 2013 Hoyt Carbon Element G3 the AirShox technology is a brilliant addition to a perfect light weight hunting bow.

Spyder 30

Second up on the testing floor was the all new Spyder 30! First impressions from all the staff at Abbey was that this bow will be one of the best bang for buck hunting bows for 2013! The attention to detail in the machined aluminium riser can't be overlooked; a great feature of this riser is the machined groove running down the front of the riser allowing your fingers to fall perfectly in line down the front of the bow. The added graphics under the Pro-Lock X-Lite Pocket are quite catchy as well! The new for 2013 AirShox technology is also incorporated into this small bundle of big game hunting machine. The Air-Shox system is extremely solid, machined out of aluminium and attached to the limb pocket in a fashion that there is no way for them to come loose or hang up on anything.

Okay, the moment of truth that everyone has been waiting for, how did the Hoyt Spyder 30 shoot? Tristan set this bow up with only an arrow rest and a D-loop allowing the bow to be shot in its raw form in the Abbey testing lane. We both shot this bow side by side with some of the top of line high end hunting bows from several other manufacturers. We both came to the conclusion that the Spyder 30 had the least amount of vibration only second to the Hoyt Carbon Series bows! We were both surprised that this 30" axle to axle, aluminium riser had such small (basically non-existent) amount of vibration! Being 30" axle to axle the Spyder 30 still pointed very well and seemed to be fairly stable for such a compact bow. We are both excited to test the new Spyder 34 and Spyder Turbo which will be up next.

Update October 29: First shipment of Hoyt 2013 bows received.

This morning we received our initial order of 2013 Hoyt bows, believed to be the first into Australia. They include the G3 carbon bows and the fast Spyder range. These bows look even more exciting in the flesh and are going to be really hot property. Be one of the first down under to see and shoot a 2013 Hoyt bow. Call in to our Castle Hill & Sumner Park stores soon. We are expecting more bows later in the week, fingers crossed even the new Pro Comp series! Keep checking back throughout the day for first hand pictures and reviews from staff members on the new 2013 Hoyt line up.

Update October 16: Hoyt have just released these videos about their 2013 bows:

They have also released pictures from their sales meeting, where the 2013 bows were on display. See extracts from the photos below the videos:

Notes on these photographs:

  • The Hoyt Carbon Matrix G3, shown at full draw, has the patent pending Air Shox technology.
  • The all new Pro Comp Elite incorporates a revolutionary new riser design.
  • The recurve incorporates a new recurve riser design. We don't know the name yet but it appears to be a Formula System with Hoyt Tec Riser.
  • How about that flashy ladies bow - the Hoyt 2013 Spyder 30 in the Vixcen series?
Hoyt 2013 Bows Range Hoyt 2013 Formula Tech Recurve Bow Hoyt Spyder 32 and 35 Bows Hoyt Carbon Matrix G3 Bow Hoyt Pro Comp Elite White Hoyt Pro Comp Elite Bow Hoyt Spyder 30 Bow Hoyt Spyder Vicxen

Update October 16: Hoyt appears to be on target for releasing their 2013 line up on the 17th of October. The Hoyt team will be conducting their 2013 sales meetings today and tomorrow in Salt Lake City, Utah. New bows will be released shortly after. The Hoyt sneak peek package, which includes all of Hoyt's 2013 flagship models, will be heading our way after the Hoyt sales meetings, so keep checking in to see when the bows will be available to shoot, or be one of the first to buy at either of Abbey's Sydney or Brisbane Pro Shops. However if past experience is anything to go by, these first bows will be quickly snapped up, so it is definitely first in, best dressed.

The all new Hoyt bows are expected to be lighter, faster and more economical than last year.

Update October 8: We understand that Hoyt will most likely be releasing their 2013 line up on the 17th of October. Keep an eye on this page for any updates or product knowledge!

As to product rumours, it appears that:

  • Hoyt is releasing an extremely lightweight aluminium riser bow
  • a very economical Hoyt hunting package is on the way for 2013
  • a re-vamped Carbon Element RKT should make an appearance for 2013

We will bring you further news, as it comes to hand.

Update September 29. It appears that Hoyt have re-vamped the Carbon Element RKT. Hoyt looks to be introducing an extremely light weight aluminium hunting bow with an exciting 30 inch axle to axle.

Also in the line-up will be an economically priced hunting bow package to cater for bow hunters at all levels.

We have just been offered a Sneak Peak Package. It appears to be at least 3 new bows from Hoyt. At this stage, it seems hunting models have been released but there will be more to come on target bows.


Update November 5: Mathews 2013 bows released.

Get photos and information about the new Mathews Creed.

Here is a video about the new Mathews Creed:

Update November 2: We have news that Mathews should be announcing their 2013 line mid next week. Included in this will be a new McPherson MR series bow and a couple new bows from Mathews, there are rumours getting around that Mathews will be releasing a target bow this year that is sure to be winning medals!

Abbey has already placed orders for the new 2013 Mathews and McPherson series bows sight unseen, so we can be the first in Australia able to provide archers and hunters with the 2013 Mathews and McPherson line.

Update October 25: 2013 Mathews shouldn't be long now! Rumours are circulating that Mathews might be releasing a 35 inch axle to axle version of the HeliM! Also going around are thoughts on a more economical bow being released in the Mathews line up. The 2013 Mission Ballistic is getting rave reviews already, be sure to keep checking back because we should have them in store any day!

Update October 17: The latest on 2013 Mathews!

Abbey Archery has just been offered a 2013 preview package by Mathews. Mathews are extremely tight lipped in their offer but it does appear that at least two new Mathews bows will be released, one being a high end model and another at a more economical price. It seems there will be another McPherson series bow released as well. Keep checking back for more info on the 2013 Mathews release!

September 26: The proposed release date for the Mathews 2013 bows, is around the end of the first week in November. Any Mathews news we receive before then, we will post here. We recommend checking back here regularly.


We have been able to obtain a sneak peek at the Rytera 2013 bows. These are the Alien, the Nemesis 35 and the Blade X4:

Rytera 2013 Bow Photos - Alien, Nemesis 35 and Blade X4


Update: October 3. For 2013, the Endeavor and the Carbon patterns have been discontinued. Mission has added a new bow - the Ballistic - a smooth shooting, fast, 2-cam bow, at a very competitive price. Using the highly efficient AVS style cam system and only one set of limbs, the Ballistic can be adjusted from 26"-30" and from 50-70 pounds. IBO speed is 330. Specs:

Ballistic Specifications
ATA 30"
IBO Speed 330 fps
Physical Weight 4.18 lbs.
Brace Height 7"
Let-off 80%
Draw Length 26-30"
Draw Weight 50-70 lbs.
Mission Ballistic 2013 bow

September 26: The official launch of the 2013 range of Mission bows is Tuesday October 2nd. There will be one new bow that will be an incredible addition to the line-up and is going to help archers on a budget who want performance without the big price.

The Menace, Craze, Riot, and Rally are all staying the same and moving forward for the 2013 season. These bows are in high demand and may be in backorder starting next week.


Update November 2: We just got confirmation that our initial 2013 Bear order will ready to ship shortly. The ENTIRE 2013 Bear range, including target colours, will be available in the near future so keep checking for updates and progress with the shipment arrival.

Update - September 28: We now added the entire 2013 Bear range to our store - check out 2013 bows.

Update - September 27: We have already added the Motive 6, Motive 7 and Empire bows to our store.

September 25: We understand that Bear will have four new bows for 2013, with the Motive in 2 configurations:

  • Motive 6: 350 fps, 6" brace, 32" ATA
  • Motive 7: 340 fps, 7" brace, 32" ATA
  • Empire: 330 fps, 7" brace, 32" ATA
  • Method: 340 fps, 7" brace, 33" ATA
  • Domain: 322 fps, 7" brace, 33" ATA


Update: October 25: Martin 2013 - Martin have been keeping quiet but after seeing the new bows from Rytera, the 2013 Martin range is sure to have some bows that will turn heads. There is talk around of a new target colour.

Update: October 12: Rumour has it that Martin will be releasing some pretty incredible bows this year! Due to be released sometime next week, we are expecting a stellar lineup. We believe that the Bengal and the Onza will be back and better than ever featuring the revolutionary Nitro 3 Hybrid Cams and the Fury XT Single Cam. Gaining popularity among the archery world is talk of a smoother and leaner riser that still boasts incredible speeds of 335 feet per second. Also spreading through the rumour mill is two new compound bows designed specifically with the hunter in mind! Light, fast, quiet and accomodating axle to axle, what more do you need?

September 30: Martin have announced 3 new bows for 2013 the Rytera Series Nemesis 35, the X4 Twin Limb and the Blade X4.

Staff comments

September 22


Getting very excited October is coming around and the 2013 bows will be rolling out! There has been a lot of talk and speculation about some of the changes and improvements that could be made. An entry level Hoyt ready to hunt package for under $600 would certainly fill a great void.


Rumours are circulating already and many customers are asking what can be expected from the archery companies this year.

We are thinking a Shoot Through Carbon Riser from Hoyt. A longer axle-to-axle target model bow from Mathews and maybe some target coloured bows from Bear? Who knows what Martin will produce but some ground breaking technology is expected to be released.

The major South Korean recurve bow manufacturer, Win and Win, has some advancements in the pipeline, following on from their brilliant innovation of Gold liveried placed on the inside of the handle on the Inno CXT and Inno AL1 risers.


The success of the Rocket or RKT cam suggests Hoyt will expand their range of models to be fitted with the RKT.

We understand that the Contender series bows might be replaced by new models to cater for the mid level target market.

It is felt there will be a new target model featuring a carbon riser.

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