Easton Axis Full Metal Jacket shaft dozen

ST Axis Full Metal Jacket shaft is a small diameter, high strength thick wall carbon core armed in bone piercing 7075 alloy metal jacket giving hunters magnum big game stopping power, easily pulls from high density targets. Low glare, anodised finish.


Easton Axis Full Metal Jacket shaft dozen

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Easton Axis Full Metal Jacket shaft dozen Description

Devastating kinetic energy and ultimate penetration.

Arrow shafts cut to length, free

Ultra-small diameter and thick-wall carbon core armed in a bone-piercing 7075 alloy full metal jacket gives bowhunters magnum big-game stopping power. Axis FMJ provides bowhunters higher levels of penetration and easily pulls from high-density 3D targets. Axis FMJ provides bowhunters awesome levels of durability and penetration.

  • Available in 500, 400, 340, 300 shaft sizes. Please specify size.
  • Micro smooth aerospace alloy surface provides easier removal from tough, high density 3D targets
  • Small diameter and thick wall carbon fibre core with Hidden Insert Technology for deeper penetration and more durability
  • A 7075-T6 metal jacket gives more consistent spine, straightness and weight than all carbon arrows. Easton's exclusive process fuses the carbon core to the metal jacket
  • Straightness: +/- .002" guaranteed
  • Low-glare, hard anodised diamond pattern finish for easy target pull
  • Weight tolerance: +/- 2.0 grains
  • High strength carbon fibre core with 7075 alloy metal jacket
  • Internal fit X Nock installed
  • HIT Insert, chamfer stone, installation tool, HIT epoxy included
  • Points and broadhead adapter rings sold separately
  • One-size HIT insert fits all sizes.
  • Penetration Rating (PR) is a simple measure of hunting arrow performance when comparing shafts of equal spine or stiffness. PR is calculated by taking the weight of the shaft in grains per inch (gpi) divided by the frontal area of the shaft in square inches (gpi/in2). PR is an effective measure of the penetration ability of a hunting shaft, taking into account the diameter and weight relationship. Laboratory testing shows the higher the PR, the deeper the arrows penetrate into test materials. Measured for 300 spine shafts, the PR for the following shafts is - FMJ Dangerous Game 251, FMJ 194, Axis 173, Epic 162, Regular Carbon 154. FMJ = Deeper Penetration - More pass throughs, Better blood trails, Quicker kills.

Axis Full Metal Jacket shaft with carbon armour piercing ammunition. Overkill? Pack serious heat for bone crushing penetration.

Fully fletched arrows can be purchased separately.

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"I have used these arrows for about 12 months now and I am yet to shoot a better arrow for hunting. I get fantastic penetration, plus they are super accurate. You will go a long way to find a better performing bowhunting arrow." - Brian from Stanthorpe QLD on 07/27/2008

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