Flextone Mimic HD handheld electronic game call

Brand: Flextone

Bring them in close with the natural sounds of the Flextone Mimic HD handheld electronic game call with powerful speaker - a high-end electronic unit which mimics 40 different animals - all just a mere push of a button away to lure your prey and it really works.

Flextone Mimic HD handheld electronic game call

Flextone Mimic HD handheld electronic game call Description

Animals produce sounds that flow through their soft tissue anatomy. Generated vocalisations from the voice box travel and articulate through vocal cords and then ultimately stream upwards through the wind pipe and esophagus around the tongue then out the mouth into the air. When you study vocalisation and phonetics, you very quickly realise that the soft, flexible chambers in which sounds are evoked are extremely important for production of true natural sounds.

The Flextone call embraces a soft flexible passage chamber for true, more natural sound to flow - no hollowly, echo type sounds that seem unnatural to the listener. Flextone game calls are strategically designed to mimic the anatomy of a real mammal or bird to stem more natural and authentic sounds so that the hunter can increase more response when calling.

If you have ever field dressed or cleaned an animal, you would notice that all the inner parts except for the bone and cartilage is made of soft body tissue. That's why Flextone made Flextone calls flexible - because sounds travel through the windpipe and out the mouth (which is all soft and flexible) and Flextone calls produce the real thing - more natural sounds to the listener, no fake sounding loud hollow sounds, nothing but pure natural smooth sounds come from Flextone Game Calls.

The handheld Mimic HD features a unique trigger style activation for directional calling, just point and pull the trigger. It also comes pre-loaded with a choice of 40 high definition calls that encompass virtually every animal category a hunter will need, all just a mere push of a button away.

The powerful, high-quality speaker delivers crystal clear sound in the field, ensuring that the calls your prey hears, are perfectly natural. It's easy to use LCD interface makes navigation a breeze and it's backlit screen makes for easy viewing at night. The water resistant, stealthy rubber coating of the Mimic HD's body and lanyard makes sure that the recorded call is the only thing you hear out of it, as it minimises any unintentional noise from it coming into contact with your bow, equipment or clothing.

You can use the Flextone Mimic for calling deer, pigs, rabbits and foxes and more. Everyone's budget is different, especially in these uncertain times and to bridge this gap between not having, but wanting a call and owning a high-end electronic call, then the Flextone Mimic HD handheld electronic game call is the answer and the Flextone Mimic really works.

The outdoor life isn't just a hobby or a past time, it's a way of life with roots that run as deep as a mighty oak. With a history of innovation that spans more than two decades.

Flextone is consistently in pursuit of ground breaking advancements that make your hunt safer, easier and more comfortable. Their determination and dedication to this way of life fuels their passion for the hunt and drives them to produce the best quality products outdoorsmen of all experience and ability levels can bring to the field with confidence.

Well known bowhunter, Michael Waddell says "this Bad Boy says it all in the field and with crystal clear sound. It's like having the game with you to call in your prey."

The following calls are preloaded on the Mimic HD electronic call

  • Bird Distress Blue Jay
  • Bobwhite quail
  • Catbird
  • Pileated Woodpecker
  • Cat Bobcat Female Distress
  • Bobcat Female Young
  • Coyote Bark
  • Coyote Female Challenge
  • Male Communicative
  • Coyote Pup 3 weeks distress
  • Coyote Pup Group Howl
  • Crow Adult Distress
  • Crow Alarm
  • Crow Baby Distress
  • Gray Fox Distress
  • Red Fox Baby Distress
  • Javelina Adult Distress
  • Javelina Young Distress
  • Pig Adult Distress
  • Pig Baby Distress
  • Deer Mouse Squeak
  • Vole Mouse Squeak
  • Barred Owl Distress
  • Owl Hoot
  • Owl Scream
  • Cottontail Rabbit Distress
  • Jack Rabbit Distress
  • Pigmy Cottontail Rabbit Distress
  • Raccoon Baby and Adult Fight
  • Raccoon Baby Distress
  • Raccoon Adult Distress
  • Fox Squirrel Distress
  • Red Squirrel Distress
  • Squirrel Bark & Whine
  • Buck or Whitetail Deer Fight
  • Buck or Whitetail Deer Growl
  • Buck or Whitetail Deer Grunt
  • Buck or Whitetail Deer Snort Wheeze
  • Whitetail Deer or Dow Estrus Bleat
  • Whitetail Deer or Fawn Bawl

Here's the tool you need to make them hunt you!

  • Hold an arsenal of 40 high definition game calls in your hand to lure your prey
  • Crystal clear, more natural sound
  • Easy to use, just point and pull the trigger
  • Clear concise navigation of call categories
  • Fingertip volume controls
  • Battery charge level indicator
  • Ergonomically designed, easy to hold and grip
  • Trigger activated natural sounding calls
  • Preloaded with 40 easy to access calls
  • Directional speaker focuses sound in one direction - just point and call
  • High quality, powerful speaker
  • Tough rubber coated shell minimizes noise in the field
  • Secure rubber coated wrist lanyard included
  • Clear backlit programming easy-to-use LCD display
  • Weather-resistant exterior and components for reliable use in all conditions
  • Powered by 3 x AA batteries included
  • Weighs 907 gram or 2 lbs
  • 1 year warranty

Nature Designed, Flextone Engineered.

Bring them in close with the natural sounds of the Flextone Mimic HD handheld electronic game call.

This is what people have said about the Flextone Mimic HD.

"Works amazing! Snares all the animals in the neighbourhood and totally gets the attention of all predators. " From Peter of Newmarket, New Hampshire, USA

"I took this product out for the first time in my own backyard. I have a 40 acre lot behind my house. I set it up, moved back down wind about 20 yards, turned on my Flextone Mimic HD Jackrabbit distress. I had the volume on low for the first sequence and then turned the volume up through the second sequence. I couldn't believe my eyes. A coyote came running in 15 feet from me before the second sequence was over. Just incredible!" From J.R. Hoyt of Mt. Shasta, California, USA

Model Status: Superseded

The Flextone Mimic HD handheld electronic game call has been replaced by the
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