Trophy Taker A-TAC 4 blade broadhead 125gr 3 pack

Brand: Trophy Taker

Trophy Taker A-TAC 4 blade cut-on-contact broadhead with 1.375" main blade cutting diameter, is fast, accurate, twice as thick as most blades that cut dense bone, won't spook game, honed to a scapel razor sharp edge, cut large entry and exit holes and remain quiet in flight & penetrate further, made in USA

Trophy Taker A-TAC 4 blade broadhead 125gr 3 pack

Trophy Taker A-TAC 4 blade broadhead 125gr 3 pack Description

Achieving success in the field requires a fast, accurate broadhead that cuts a big wound channel and remains quiet in flight.

The Trophy Taker A-TAC broadhead exudes toughness and are engineered for accuracy and devastating penetration.

The A-TAC ferrule is machined out of a solid chunk of stainless steel and features a .75" cutting diameter. A single piece, unvented stainless steel blade slips through the ferrule and locks into place to round out the four blade design.

The 0.080" thick main blade is twice as thick as most blades on the market and is honed to a razor sharp edge. The cutting diameter of the main blade is 1.125".

Because the blades are non-vented and the ferrule is formed from a single piece of heat treated steel, these advanced broadheads deliver bone-crunching power. Extremely quiet too!

Create your success by hunting with the best - Trophy Taker A-TAC Broadheads.

The Trophy Taker A-TAC broadhead

  • 1.375" main blade cutting diameter
  • .080" thick 440A stainless steel main blade
  • .75" cutting diameter
  • Twice as thick as most blades
  • A-TAC is made entirely of heat-treated stainless steel for high-impact strength
  • Honed to a scapel razor sharp edge
  • Precisely machined from a solid bar of stainless steel
  • A TAC blade design cuts larger entry and exit holes
  • Single piece cut-on-contact ferrule and non-vented blades deliver bone crushing strength
  • Thick blades can cut dense bone
  • Quiet non-vented blades won't spook game
  • Non-vented blades fly quieter and penetrate further
  • Field tested
  • Convenient 3 pack
  • Made in USA

Does your broadhead have

  • 0.080" thick main blade
  • Field point accuracy
  • Blades twice as thick as others
  • One piece cut on contact ferrule
  • Honed to a scapel sharp edge

This cut-on-contact head has clearly been designed to hunt anything that a bowhunter is willing to pull a bow back on.

Strike with power and precision with a Trophy Taker A-TAC 4 blade broadhead.

Insist on it - shoot an A-TAC.

Model Status: Superseded

The Trophy Taker A-TAC 4 blade broadhead 125gr 3 pack has been replaced by the
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