TRU Ball Spyder Speed Silencers

Brand: T.R.U. Ball

TRU Ball Spyder Speed Silencers increase bow speed while also reducing noise and quietening your strings and reducing vibration with these great silencers

TRU Ball Spyder Speed Silencers

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TRU Ball Spyder Speed Silencers Description

The T.R.U. Ball Spyder Speed Silencers help you increase speed while also reducing noise.

The Speed Balls help add 2 to 15 feet per second to your speed but will not increase the noise level.

With the Spyder Speed Silencers, you can increase speed with the accelerator balls set close to your cam/axle and reduce noise while hunting using the Spyder Silencers material provided.

Simply put a Speed Ball on your string to increase speed or a Spyder Speed Silencers and Speed Ball to increase speed and reduce sound and vibration.

Spyder Speed Silencers

  • Increase bow speed
  • Gain up to 15 fps on two cam bows
  • Reduces vibration, noise and quietens your bow by up to 3 decibels
  • Works equally well on recurves
  • Easy to install with instructions included
  • Made from aircraft grade aluminium
  • 6 piece pack comprises two Speed Balls and four Spyder Silencers
  • To tighten Spyder Speed Silencers properly, use a #0 point Phillips head screwdriver with the tip slightly ground
  • Place Spyder Speed Silencers on either side of the string (if desired) and fasten Speed Ball over them with screws. Place one Spyder/Ball combination near the top cam and one near the bottom cam
  • Use a chronograph to determine best settings for speed and noise reduction, usually 1-5 inches from the cam
  • Only use shrink tube for filler material when not using Spyders. Spyders can also be tied directly into the bow string
  • Illustrated instructions included
  • Proudly designed, CNC machined and assembled in the USA

Dual or Two Cam Bow

  • With Speed Balls only, gain 2 to 15 fps
  • With 1 Spyder Silencers & 2 Speed Balls, gain 1 to 8 fps & reduce noise
  • With 2 Spyder Silencers & 2 Speed Balls, gain 0 to 4 fps & reduce more noise

Single or One Cam Bow

  • With Speed Balls only, gain 0 to 2 fps
  • With 1 Spyder Silencers & 2 Speed Balls, gain 1 to 2 fps & reduce noise
  • With 2 Spyder Silencers & 2 Speed Balls, gain 1 to 3 fps & reduce more noise
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