STAN PerfeX Long Neck Thumb Release

Brand: STAN

STAN PerfeX Long Neck Thumb release, new fast searing mechanism with the fastest lock time, lightning fast, greasy smooth, crisp as an apple, will melt in your hand and disappear into your shot process. Goes from click to bang faster than anything ever put on the market. No compromises, just exceptional performance.

STAN PerfeX Long Neck Thumb Release

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STAN PerfeX Long Neck Thumb Release Description

Resistance activated mechanism.

Whichever one you choose, the fit and feel of the release handle is identical and offers the exact same fit, feel and most importantly, point of impact. Not close, EXACT.

The mechanism of the Thumb activated PerfeX model offers the fastest lock time in the industry and minimises the possibility of string interference.

Not only is the speed faster than any other release on the market, but STAN has also expanded the traditional range of trigger tension adjustability from ridiculously light to absurdly heavy and everything in between.

All this and the adjustability to set for zero trigger travel.

No compromises, just exceptional performance.

Think of it as the culmination of almost 50 years of experience distilled into a single release made to fit in your hand perfectly and release your bow flawlessly.

Think PerfeX and you will never have to think about your release again.

Available in a Long Neck version in sizes of Medium, Large and X-Large.

The Short Neck model increases your draw length by a little over a quarter of an inch and is ideal for those looking to maximise the speed they get out of their rig. The Short Neck versions are not stocked items but can be special ordered. Please enquire.

A cool and notable difference between the Short and Long Neck versions is the spring loaded string keeper on the Long Neck version.

If you like to leave your release clipped to your D-Loop, this is your ticket.

If you are looking to hunt with a PerfeX, all models come with a lanyard boss on the bottom of the release and the Long Neck, with a string keeper, comes in an all Matte Black anodised aluminium finish or Silver anodised aluminium core finish with matte black anodised aluminium finger extensions.

  • Thumb activated short neck release to maximise draw length
  • Built on the PerfeX platform for the exact fit across all release styles
  • Lightning fast, greasy smooth, crisp as an apple searing mechanism from click to bang in the blink of an eye
  • Smooth to operate
  • No look open hook design
  • Spring loaded string keeper
  • Infinitely adjustable PerfeX knob system with Small diameter and Large diameter knobs included (comes assembled with the Small knob)
  • Articulating finger extensions have a customisable angles of 30 degree range of motion
  • Interchangeable 3 finger & 4 finger extensions included to get the best fit in your hand (comes assembled as a 4 finger)
  • Available in Medium, Large and X-Large sizes. Please specify size. Also comes in Small size which is not a stocked item but can be special ordered. Please enquire
  • Available in an attractive all matte BlackOut aluminium finish or bright anodised Silver aluminium core finish with matte black anodised aluminium finger extensions. Please specify colour
  • 3 trigger post lengths of 0.875", 1" & 1.125" included for a clean and comfortable execution to suit your hand size (comes assembled with the 1" post)
  • Integrated lanyard boss
  • Trainer Lock pin included for practicing shot execution safely without firing an arrow
  • Comfortable in the hand thumb release
  • Full instructions included
  • Made in the USA

The best testimonial is choice, and I choose a STAN. I didn't choose it for money or praise; I chose it because it is the best. From shot to shot it performs with extreme consistency, that is what I expect of myself and that is what I expect of my equipment. STAN delivers. Crystal Gauvin, professional archer

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