Slick Trick 125 Magnum 4 blade broadhead 125gr 4 pack

Brand: Slick Trick

The number 1 rated head on the internet's largest bowhunting forum. SlickTrick started the super short revolution back in 2000 when they were first introduced. Still the Best.

Slick Trick 125 Magnum 4 blade broadhead 125gr 4 pack

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Slick Trick 125 Magnum 4 blade broadhead 125gr 4 pack Description

Every season the legend grows. Slick Trick 125 Magnum 4 blade broadhead 125 grain has the Slick Trick patented Alcatraz Bladelock design, truly aerodynamic to fly more accurately, air will get less grip and will not be able to push the Slick Trick off target. No other broadhead in the world has the blades completely interlocked inside the ferrule like the Slick Trick.

This design breakthrough perfects the geometry of an aerodynamic one piece 100% steel strength rhinoferrule - stronger than titanium - with 4 imprisoned aerodynamic razor sharp .035" stainless steel tough, thick Mercedes blades with a bone blaster tip for the best combination on the market for accuracy, strength, penetration, great flight, big cut and reliability.

SlickTrick is as strong as one piece broadheads but has as an option - the advantage of replacing or resharpening the blades. Slick Trick broadheads have four Lutz diamond polished custom knife grade Mercedes blades to slice slug holes for quick kills. Lutz Solingen of Germany have been making surgical steel blades since 1922.

Specs at a glance

  • Blades - 0.35" stainless steel Lutz Solingen Mercedes blades (25% stronger than the non Mercedes blades)
  • Ferrule - Super Steel
  • Type - Custom Knife Grade
  • Bladelock - Alcatraz patented
  • Tip - 4 edges, bone splitting
  • Flight - Field point, most bows
  • Comments - First super short broadhead in January 2000. Mechanical flight and holes with fixed strength, penetration and reliability. Amazed bowhunters coined the term, slug holes after seeing Magnum kills. Legendary.

This is what people have said about the Slick Trick 125 grain Magnum 4 blade broadhead.

"Hi, my name is Andre Theron. I live in South Africa. I am also a past president of the South African Bowhunters Association (SABA). I have been bowhunting for the past 15 years and have shot almost every broadhead that is on the market. My partner and I were given 3 packs of SlickTrick Magnum 125 grain heads and we went hunting this past weekend with them. We shot 10 animals - all with the Tricks. All I can say is "amazing". All were quick and effective kills. I have shot hundreds of animals with various broadheads, but one specific warthog I shot on the weekend, the blood trail was unbelievable. I have never seen anything like it before. The animal, running at full tilt, expired within 40 yards. This SlickTrick Magnum broadhead shot virtual tunnels through these animals. My fellow hunters on the game farm were also amazed at the arrow holes." From Andre Theron, South Africa

"I decided to make the switch from a 3 blade broadhead that I sharpened myself. Your 125 Magnum SlickTrick and that arrow flew like a dart. I was able to close within 42 yards - a double lung shot with a SlickTrick pass through. He had a huge slug hole in the entry. The buck green scored 203. Thank you all for a great product that makes a hunter's dreams come true." From Steve Updegraff

"For the past eight years I've worked in numerous archery shops around the country, getting lots of customer feedback on every broadhead under the sun. This is the best broadhead out there. Tough, sharp, quiet and most importantly, accurate. This is why all my archery shop buddies push them and why we use them." From Jordan Greenwood

A more accurate shot is a more deadly shot.

The SlickTrick has a 1 1-8" cutting diameter, .035" thick stainless steel Mercedes blades in a convenient 4 pack.

Everybody is turning on to Tricks

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"I have tried many different types of broadheads and I rate this as the very best for penetration, durability, performance, plus they fly exactly the same as my field arrows. I have been converted. When I am out in the bush taking aim on my next trophy class animal, I will have the confidence that the Slick Trick will do the job." - from on 11/20/2007

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