Spot-Hogg Hooter Shooter Bow Tuning Machine

Brand: Spot-Hogg

Spot-Hogg Hooter Shooter Bow Tuning Machine. What is a Hooter Shooter and what can it do? Become an extremely satisfied shooter.

Spot-Hogg Hooter Shooter Bow Tuning Machine

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Spot-Hogg Hooter Shooter Bow Tuning Machine Description

Spot-Hogg introduces the industry's first Portable Shooting Bow Tuning Machine, the Hooter Shooter.

Q: What is a Hooter Shooter and what can it do.

A: The Hooter Shooter is a machine that can shoot most bows with perfect form. So closely simulating an individual, without the human variables that a person can learn to shoot like the machine with the same sight settings. The Hooter Shooter shoots with such precision that it will place the same arrow into the exact hole at 18 metres (20 yards) even on a poorly adjusted bow.

This precision causes any changes in the bow, variations in arrows and arrow rest, variation of release, changes of heel pressure, bow orientation and draw length to be reflected by where the arrow hits. The Hooter Shooter will shoot most 2 cam and single cam bows using most hand held releases or releases using a wrist strap. However, not the back tension type releases.

If all your arrows will not use the same hole, then you know for sure it is not the shooter but the equipment that has a problem.

This machine is engineered to shoot a bow the way an archer should with adjustable high/low wrist, universal release holder and unique grip which emulates the human hand.

Of what value is it to an archer to know absolutely, if their equipment is the cause or their shooting is the cause for missed shots. With the Hooter Shooter, you can offer your customer visual, undeniable proof that their bow is capable of shooting the same arrow in the same arrow hole repeatedly.

Are all your arrows flying identically. Now you can test them with unerring accuracy.

Is your bow tuned well enough to have broadheads shoot exactly like field tips.

Using the Hooter Shooter, you will have the tool you need to find out and tune your bow to accomplish the results you desire.

This precision makes it possible to see the effects of any adjustments that are made to the individual's equipment. The effects that can be seen are:

Arrow variations. (Why don't they all use the same hole)

  • Clearance differences
  • Spine differences
  • Fletch differences
  • Weight differences
  • Nock differences
  • Nock alignment
  • Arrow straightness
  • Broadheads

Bow variations. (What affects the bow's shootability)

  • Effect of cam timing
  • Effect of cam lean
  • Effects of string and cable stretch
  • Arrow rest adjustments
  • Cable guard adjustments
  • Effect of nock point styles
  • Effect of release changes
  • Tiller adjustments
  • Stabiliser type and style
  • Draw weight
  • Draw length variations
  • Bow orientation (Is it level)
  • Heel pressure (on most bows)
  • The effect of the 3rd axis
  • Changes in friction (axles & sliders)
  • Things vibrating loose

Suggested charges for bow tuning are

  • Basic Tune Up $45.95
  • Deluxe Tune Up $89.95.
  • Full details of the services offered can be obtained by contacting Abbey Archery
  • Trusted by archery professionals around the world!

    "Confidence in your equipment is a must. Tuning with the Hooter Shooter lets me know without a doubt that my equipment is shooting its best." Dave Cousins

    The Hooter Shooter Name

    Spot-Hogg are often asked how they came up with the name Hooter Shooter. Contrary to what you may have thought, it is actually quite respectable. While shooting the NFAA Nationals in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota, USA, the term "hooter" was used by folks spotting for the Spot-Hogg shooters, when the shooters shot "X"s.

    Now Spot-Hogg would like to tell you they heard this on every shot! Unfortunately, that is not the case. However they did hear it often enough that the name stuck and the Spot-Hogg guys figured what a great name for our shooting machine! Hence the name Hooter Shooter was born! Now you know!


    • See the results
    • It helps archers shoot better
    • Improve your shooting skills and experience accuracy like never before.

    You can, after your bow has been tuned by the Hooter Shooter.

    • Become an extremely satisfied shooter with your bow shooting better than ever.
    • The results have been outstanding.

    The Hooter Shooter is no longer a stock item, but can be special ordered. Please enquire.

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