S4 Gear LockDown X Optics Deployment System, camo

Brand: S4 Gear

S4 Gear LockDown X secures binoculars flat to chest, security straps fasten optics for maximum security, low profile, mouldable pouch. Great for glassing, hunting, stalking, horse riding, bird watching and sporting events.

S4 Gear LockDown X Optics Deployment System, camo

S4 Gear LockDown X Optics Deployment System, camo Description

Most binocular straps either have no lens protection at all or have a large, unwieldy storage container that offers no attachment or tether while optics are in use.

While providing low-profile lens protection and constant optics security, the LockDown X is:

  • Extra Comfortable
  • Extra Breathable
  • Extra Light
  • Extra Quiet

The LockDown X provides the best of both worlds, using a pliable cover for a low profile fit and ShockCord Security Straps that fasten your optics for maximum security.

  • Anti-Bounce Technology safely secures binoculars to your chest without permitting the movement or bounce associated with traditional harness designs. You can crawl, climb a treestand, even run without the fear of your binoculars moving around or making unnecessary noise.
  • Tension Free Glassing allows you to draw your binoculars to your face with a single motion. The 50-50 pre-load design utilises the ShockCord Security strap for maximum protection during storage while being completely free of load during use.
  • Mouldable Security Cover protects a wide variety of optics. The laminated design features scratch resistant materials inside, an aluminium core for memory and a durable noise resistant fabric for the exterior.
  • Multiple Adjustments for personalised sizing and comfort. Whether it's your waist size, optics size, optic cover position, optics tension or harness positioning, you can accommodate an array of adjustments with a single model.
  • ShockCord Security Straps fasten tightly to your optics for maximum security while still maintaining tension free glassing.
  • Streamlined Straps are lightweight, silent and designed to be compatible with backpacks.

S4 Gear LockDown X Binocular Harness

  • Anti-bounce technology secures binoculars flat to your chest
  • Tension free glassing
  • LockDown X Optics harness system
  • Shockcord security straps fasten your optics for maximum security
  • Low-profile, mouldable pouch secures binoculars to your chest
  • Fully adjustable harness
  • Also comes in a black finish which is sold separately. Available in Micro Black, Blue, Tan and Black Observation Package which are not stocked items but can be special ordered. Please enquire

The S4 Gear harness system with low-profile, mouldable pouch secures binoculars to your chest so you can crawl/climb/run without worry.

LockDown X for optics 5.75" to 7.5" in length. Fully adjustable. Colour RealTree APG Camo.

This is what people have said about S4 Gear LockDown X Bino Harness.

"Worked Very Good! 4 out of 5 stars. Advantages - ease of use, durability, performs well, value for money, quality. The product is very comfortable over a t-shirt or many layers of clothing. It keeps my binoculars from bouncing around while I walked. Easy to unhook the strap and get my binoculars out quickly. I love the product and don't give it five stars just because the binoculars can get a little dirty from the open sides, but it wasn't really too much of an issue though." From NM12345 of New Mexico, USA

"Good Product. 4 out of 5 stars. Advantages - performs well, value for money, quality. This device is very well made and comfortable to wear. I bought it for hunting purposes and it works." From DJMNAT of North eastern Pennsylvania, USA.

"Great Buy! 5 out of 5 stars. Advantages - ease of use, performs well, quality. I bought this for hunting and it works great. I never have to take my eyes off anything to try to find the binos. No more string digging into my neck or moving around and banging my stand as I climb into it in the dark! I've already recommended this to friends and one has already bought one!" From DUcrawl of Columbus, Ohio, USA

Model Status: Superseded

The S4 Gear LockDown X Optics Deployment System, camo has been replaced by the
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