S4 Gear SideWinder EVO Retractable Tether System

Brand: S4 Gear

S4 Gear Sidewinder EVO retractable tether, quick detach to instantly release device, strong security strap, quiet bulletproof Kevlar cord, lever lock belt clip, rotating mount, keeps things safe, secure, always within reach

S4 Gear SideWinder EVO Retractable Tether System

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S4 Gear SideWinder EVO Retractable Tether System Description

Arguably one of the niftiest pieces of equipment to come on the archery scene this year is the S4 Gear Sidewinder EVO 36 inch retractable tether system, which keeps everything from GPS, to rangefinders and radios safe, secure and always within reach. Has a quick detach to instantly release the tethered device in a single movement, strong security strap, quiet bulletproof Kevlar cord, lever lock belt clip and rotating mounting system.

Sometimes, you just need to be able to quickly and quietly remove your electronic device from EVO's tether. For that reason S4 Gear built in a quick detach feature that is silent and bulletproof. It allows instant one handed removal of your electronic device from the Sidewinder EVO, leaving only a low profile pad attached.

The Sidewinder EVO is attached to your body or pack with a rotating clip assembly. With 8 different mounting positions possible, the rotation can be solidly locked down so there is no opportunity for unwanted movement or game spooking noise, while still allowing the device to be positioned for the ultimate quick draw, regardless of where you mount it.

Once you've clipped the EVO to your pack or your belt, you can lock it solidly in place with the LeverLock belt clip, so your device is secure, no matter what terrain you are tackling. This locking clip allows you to secure the EVO virtually anywhere from padded pack straps and waist belts to golf bags. For added security, the belt clip is also backed up with serrated teeth to keep it from slipping when you extend the tether.

Hard plastic housing for electronic devices that clips to your belt and locks down for silent, secure protection. Retractable 91cm or 36" Kevlar cable allows you to quick-draw your device for use. Sports a quick-detach feature. Colour black.

S4 Gear SideWinder EVO retractable tether system for electronic devices features

  • Tether pad locks electronics securely in place with the proven double-sided 3M adhesive interface. Optional provisions are included for added security.
  • Kevlar cable is quiet and virtually bulletproof. 91cm or 36" cable length offers a wide range of motion.
  • LeverLock belt clip solidly locks the SideWinder EVO and your device in place.
  • Over-moulded coupling post ensures a silent hook-up between the tethered device and EVO.
  • Rotating mounting system offers 8 different mounting positions.
  • Quick detach instantly releases tethered device with a single movement.
  • Industrial strength security strap wraps tightly around nearly any device, no matter the shape.

This is what people have said about S4 Gear Sidewinder EVO.

"5 out of 5 stars. This item works great! I attached it to my rangefinder and then to my safety harness to make for quick access. It is adjustable to turn to whatever angle you want. Noise doesn't seem to be an issue." From JAY24 from Elkton, Virginia, USA

"5 out of 5 stars. The SideWinder Evo is an amazing product. It allows you to place something like a rangefinder, GPS or radio where you want it with easy, quiet and quick access and with no chance of dropping your equipment in which the Evo is attached to. No more wasted time trying to get your rangefinder out of its case or your pocket. It is just what you need to shed a few seconds off to seal the deal on that big buck." From AzArcher052.

"5 out of 5 stars. The EVO is the quietest tether system I have used. Hunting primarily spot and stalk, it is important to be able to get my rangefinder when I need it and do so quietly. The construction of the device is solid and I have yet to break it. The EVO isn't priced too bad either!" From BickBuckBirge from Nebraska, USA

"5 out of 5 stars. This fits perfectly on my safety harness and holds my Bushnell Archers Choice range finder exactly where I need it. Couldn't get it any better! It has performed flawlessly and I am very satisfied. Wish I had a picture to demonstrate. Really is a perfect fit." From Littlefield from Nebraska, USA

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