Cajun Bowfishing Garpoon Fish Point

Brand: CAJUN

If you want a super strong tip, get a Cajun Archery Garpoon Point, with a whopping 562 grain point & a 112 grain screw in Jack Hammer chisel tip

Cajun Bowfishing Garpoon Fish Point

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Cajun Bowfishing Garpoon Fish Point Description

The heavy versatile point weighs in at a whopping 562 grains making this point the heavy weight champion of bowfishing points.

The Garpoon point is a rugged point with very strong retractable spring steel dual blades to grab and hold the fish. The barbs are held in with a collar, when the target is hit, the collar slides back and the barbs engage with a switch blade action. The Cajun Archery Garpoon Fish Point was formerly known as the Retract-O-Blade Garpoon Bow Fishing Point.

The Garpoon Point is manufactured from heat treated hardened steel and plated to resist even salt water corrosion, with a 112 grain screw in chisel tip. It is rugged and provides excellent penetration and fits a standard 5-16" shaft and there is a hole on the shank for line or cabling.

Retractable blades will enhance your ability to be more efficient and ultimately maximise your catch.

A Garpoon is simple to use, just squeeze the blades together and sleeve slides up over blades for easy fish removal.

  • Heavy versatile 562 grain point
  • 112 grain screw in Jack Hammer chisel tip
  • Spring-loaded steel dual blades deploy after penetration of flesh
  • Blades grab and hold fish and are retractable
  • Heat treated hardened steel
  • Plated to resist even salt water corrosion
  • Fits standard thread 5-16" shaft
  • Engineered to be extra rugged
  • Heavy duty steel for durability and long life
  • Excellent penetration
  • Hole provided on each point for line or cabling system
  • Excellent for all fish species
  • Does not plane in water

The point is when quality, dependability and fast action are required, you should rely on Cajun Archery. Garpoon Points - arrow heads that point the way to a successful catch.

Another quality product from Cajun Archery - manufacturers of the finest bow fishing products in the world. Over 40 years of making tough, reliable bow fishing products. Those who know bowfishing, know Cajun.

For bowfishing, you require these items

  • A bowfishing reel
  • A solid fibreglass fish arrow with a nock and steel fish point installed and a drilled hole through the shaft to attach and secure fishing line so you can reel the fish in after spearing it with the arrow
  • 5 piece Safety Slide kit
  • Nylon fishing line
  • Bowfishing roller rest to launch your fibreglass fish arrow
  • Alternatively, there is a bowfishing kit which includes some of the above items
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"verry verry high quality head recomeded to all advanced bow fishers bryan gray swifts creek, victoria" - Bryan from Swifts Creek VIC on 11/12/2008

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