Bow International Guide to Archery

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Bow International Guide to Archery has 116 pages & includes a wide variety of topics, covers many facets of archery & technique

Bow International Guide to Archery

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Bow International Guide to Archery Description

Whenever you get interested in a new sport or recreation, you usually try and get hold of as much information on your new sport as possible. There are many books which cater for specific archery disciplines or on set topics, but this guide covers a cornucopia of archery in one huge package.

Bow International Guide to Archery is published in the UK with full colour high quality photos throughout, in a large format encyclopaedia of archery, designed to be a useful aid to beginning and intermediate archers and a great help for advanced archers.

Bow International Guide to Archery is updated from time to time.

  • A to Z of equipment
  • Tuning and set up
  • Good technique
  • Top tips from the best
  • Competition advice

Bow International Guide to Archery is a compendium for the modern archer's equipment, technique and style. This guide has 116 pages comprising 45 informative articles on such wide ranging topics as

  • archery styles
  • equipment – what you need to know
  • armguards, chestguards, bow slings
  • arrows
  • quivers
  • the English longbow
  • crossbows
  • compounds
  • release aids
  • recurves
  • pressure buttons
  • rests
  • clickers
  • sights
  • stabilisers
  • strings
  • finger tabs
  • cases
  • targets
  • traditional bows
  • compound set-up
  • recurve tuning
  • maintenance
  • the basics of technique
  • body preparation
  • warming up and exercising
  • posture
  • bow arm
  • draw and release - recurve
  • draw and release - compound
  • shot sequence
  • aiming
  • formaster
  • target panic
  • competitive aspirations
  • competition preparation
  • field archery
  • field skills
  • dealing with pressure
  • setting goals
  • tuning pro – what does it take to make it to the top
  • ask the experts
  • archery contacts
  • glossary of terms
  • advertisers' index

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Bow International Guide to Archery is excellent value for money and you will find it hard to put down.

The Guide to Archery is published by the well respected UK archery magazine, Bow International. Bow International magazine is available from Abbey Archery. View the magazine at Bow International

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