Snaro Bird Point 6in

Brand: Snaro

The Snaro bird point greatly increases the impact area, traps prey and prevents arrow loss. It flies consistently and is accurate

Snaro Bird Point 6in

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Snaro Bird Point 6in Description

As GW "Doc" Schwarz, inventor of the Snaro bird point, recalls. "Hunting rabbits was a necessity back in the 1930's, both for food and to protect the garden. Hickory, lemon or yew bows were in use then. In later years, I finally got a Bear Grizzly recurve, which led to a lot of shooting and hunting. I decided a larger diameter arrow point would increase my success and I would not lose so many arrows under the grass and thus the Snaro point was born."

Snaro Uplander screw in bird point 6" diameter 8-32" threaded ferrule 360 grain for birds & small game. Also available in 3" diameter Gamelander model.

The Snaro is great for shooting noxious avian pests like Indian Myna birds.

The ideal point for bird hunting. Delivers full impact with little flight resistance.

The Snaro Bird Point features wide wire loops to greatly increase the impact area and prevent arrow loss on the ground. These extra large looped arms wrap around prey upon impact to trap them and also keep bird point from burying too far into the ground.

Durable all steel construction and accurate and if the bird point catches in a tree, it is easy to retrieve.

Snaros fly consistently and are surprisingly accurate.

The ultimate challenge for any bowhunter is to take a game bird in flight and no tip is better suited for this than the Snaro Bird Point.

Snaro - the universal field point for small game brush shooting and bird flight shooting.

The Common or Indian Myna, identified by its yellow beak and eye patch and brown body, is an introduced pest and their population is spreading rapidly and is a serious environmental threat to native wildlife. Mynas are territorial and highly aggressive birds who compete with and displace native wildlife for habitat areas - they are one of the most invasive animal species in the world and take over nesting tree hollows, plug up nest sites they are not using, forcing possums, birds and small mammals out and prey on or eject nestlings and eggs from their nests. They also compete with native fauna for food and habitat. They also pose some small human health risk and the nesting material they bring into roof cavities and other spaces in buildings can be a fire hazard.

First introduced to Australia to control insect pests, the arrival of the Common Indian Myna (Acridotheres tristis) in a region signals a disastrous change to come in local bird populations. This extremely aggressive bird chases out native birds and small tree dwelling marsupials such as feather-tailed gliders.

Indian Mynas can be easily confused with native honeyeaters, the Noisy Miner (Manorina melanocephala) and the Yellow-throated Miners (Manorina flavigula). It is important to distinguish the Indian Myna pest from the common Noisy Miner. Indian Mynas are predominantly brown with a black head and in flight, white wing patches are clearly visible. Noisy Miners are native birds that are predominantly grey and are protected and must be released if trapped.

The Indian Myna bird has been declared the second greatest threat to native birds after land clearing. It's currently spreading through eastern Australia, yet in some areas its arrival is so recent that unknowing residents welcome it into their backyards and encourage it to feed alongside native birds.

It's not just Australia that is suffering from the myna onslaught - in 2000, the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) declared the bird among "100 of the World's Most Invasive species" and for good reason. It is now a pest bird in many regions from Singapore to the Seychelles and has pushed native birds towards extinction in Polynesia, Hawaii and Mauritius.

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