Doinker Tactical Stabiliser

Brand: Doinker

Doinker Tactical is a modular stabiliser to better balance your bow & give direction & stability, softer feel at the shot & takes out vibration

Doinker Tactical Stabiliser

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Doinker Tactical Stabiliser Description

When you install a Tactical, it allows you to better balance your bow. The Tactical's diverse adjustment range delivers perfect balance regardless of the accessories mounted on the bow. With a Tactical on board, aiming becomes less of a chore as the bow quiver, sight and arrow rest are counter-balanced, allowing for a perfectly customised and balanced bow.

The Doinker Tactical Stabiliser is a versatile tool for compound archers and is highly adaptable to the variable situations you may find yourself in, whether it is hunting in the field or target shooting at the range.

The TAC, as it is affectionately known, is a side mounted or offset stabiliser designed to offset the weight of your quiver, sight and arrow rest.

It offers an endless range of configurations and allows the potential for enhancement and customisation with your favourite Doinker technologies.

It is another way to give your bow's balance a direction and stability.

It is perfect for the bowhunter who has a side mounted quiver and sight and the Tactical will help effectively offset the weight of the quiver and sight on the bow.

This stabiliser has so many possibilities. It is 15" from end to end with 8" out the front and 7" out the back.

It has an innovative modular design, so you can customise your stabiliser any way you want.

It also has a wider range of vertical adjustments. With the horizontal adjustment, there are a series of holes so you can move the TAC in and out from the stabiliser hole.

The TAC comes with two large 1" Doinker Supremes.

There are many inferior look-alike knock-off products out there that may appear the same, but they lack Doinker's precision craftsmanship, top quality materials and rigid quality standards and nothing with such a wide range of adjustment like the Tactical.

It comes with a full stack of black powder coated Universal Steel Weights and as well as a single stack, so with these weight configurations, it provides a lot of options, something a little bit longer, like 8" out front & 7" out back; 7" with 1" Doinker Supreme out front & 1" Doinker Supreme out back, for weight out the front and to give some weight to the back, 1" Doinker Supreme out front & 8" with 1" Doinker Supreme out back.

Doinker Tactical Stabiliser features

  • Gives direction and stability to your bow's balance
  • Tactical offset mount to perfectly customise and balance bow
  • Highly adaptable whether it be hunting, 3D or target shooting
  • Offset, side mounted stabiliser designed to counter-balance the weight of your sight, arrow rest or quiver
  • Offers endless configurations and allows for enhancement and customisation of your favourite Doinker technologies
  • Most advanced Doinker ever
  • Holds steady on a windy day
  • Softer feel at the shot & takes out vibration
  • Favourite amongst compound archers
  • Emblazoned with the Doinker logo
  • Two different length carbon extensions
  • Two Large 1.125" Doinker Supremes
  • Two GEN 5 Doinker conversions
  • Two Double Stack black aluminium Universal Weights included
  • One single Universal Stack Weight
  • Length 15"
  • Standard configuration 8" front of mount, 7" rear of mount
  • Weighs 428.1 grams or 15.1 oz
  • Flat black finish anodised machined aluminium parts and stylish carbon grid rod colour
  • So many possibilities - wide range of vertical & in and out adjustments

Get a Doinker Tactical Stabiliser today for direction, stability, balance.

Doinker, The World's #1 Stabiliser greatly improves your bow's feel and performance. No Shock, No Vibration, No Noise.

Please note only one Doinker Tactical Stabiliser is for sale here, but three examples of the Tactical configurations are shown.

This is what people have said about the Doinker Tactical Stabiliser.

"This is a great super adjustable stabiliser. Absorbs shock and balances out your bow well. Good thing is that weight can also be added to it. From Brad Cain of USA

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