Pee Wee Doinker set of 2

Brand: Doinker

Pee Wee Doinker helps a little in the revolution. Doink On with Pee Wee Doinkers

Pee Wee Doinker set of 2

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Pee Wee Doinker set of 2 Description

Manufactured for use with today's high-end archery sights and accessories, the Pee Wee is designed to further dampen your bow and increase shot repeatability.

Anyone who has ever shot target archery knows the annoying noise and incessant "twang" that's produced from the shot. After the shot, there is often this twang emanating from sights.

This vibration can lead to loosening of bow and sight parts and invariably, diminished shot repeatability.

A cousin to Doinker's Sight Eze, the Pee Wee Doinker is a weighted dampener that measures no bigger than a US 25 cent coin called a quarter - 24.26mm or 0.96" in diameter.

Tipping the scales at a feathery 14.18 grams or 0.5 ounces, the Pee Wee Doinker is an efficient combination of Doinker's exclusive interrupted transfer polymer or ITP to soak up the noise and vibration from sights like a high tech sponge and a stainless steel weight that effectively increases the dampener's abilities to reduce vibration and noise and stays snug, shot after shot.

It is designed to be attached to 3D and target sights used in indoor and outdoor tournament events.

Put a set of Pee Wee Doinkers on your sight in the holes in the rear of the vertical sight bar and you will reduce or eliminate noise, oscillation and vibration, helping to improve your shooting and accuracy.

As well as the noise generated, there is vibration that can loosen sight parts.

The Pee Wee Doinker eliminates noise and vibration in the sight.

Available in 8-32" thread. The 8-32" male thread easily screws into many of today's top accessories and fits CBE, Sure-Loc, Axcel and Copper John sights.

A Pee Wee is less than one half the length of a standard Doinker and weighs a mere 14.18 grams or 0.5 ounces, so you won't even know it's there. It features a mini A Bomb with a black finish and a stainless steel weight. Sold as a set of two Pee Wees.

Attach Pee Wee Doinkers to your sight and other accessories to dampen vibration on your bow.

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