Doinker Multi-Rod Hunter Stabiliser Next G-1 camo 10.375in 9.7 oz

Brand: Doinker

Doinker, technology that started the revolution. No Shock, No Vibration, No Noise. Doink On.

Doinker Multi-Rod Hunter Stabiliser Next G-1 camo 10.375in 9.7 oz

Doinker Multi-Rod Hunter Stabiliser Next G-1 camo 10.375in 9.7 oz Description

The Multi Rod Hunter has been a favourite in the hands of bowhunters worldwide due to it's light weight, four carbon rods and strong composite body putting the majority of the weight at the end of the stabiliser via the combination of the Doinker Multi Rod Hunter and GEN 5 Doinker which helps to eliminate vibration.

For years, hunters have relied on Doinker stabilisers to gain an advantage when taking the shot of a lifetime.

Now, the revamped Multi Rod Hunter features a sophisticated and highly effective dampener designed specifically with modern bows in mind.

With the utilisation of the Doinker, bowhunters can expect more accuracy, a smoother shot and a serious reduction in shot noise.

The Doinker Multi Rod Hunter, which is the result of countless hours of testing by Doinker, employs a sleek and effective dampener that is constructed of Doinker patented ITP (Interrupted Transfer Polymer) material and incorporated directly into the end cap of each stabilizer.

Through the tightening of stabiliser weights, the inside and outside washers of the Doinker Multi Rod Hunter are limited in their movements, meaning each shot will be quieter, more shock-free and ultimately more accurate.

Doinker, The World's #1 Stabiliser greatly improves your bow's feel and performance. No Shock, No Vibration, No Noise.

These stabilisers are designed for today's modern bows, being of light mass weight, responsive yet keeping the balance point near the distal end where control of inertia is of major importance.

Doinker Multi Rod Hunter

  • 10.375 inches long and weighs 9.7 ounces
  • Next G1 camo
  • The most explosive development in 360 degree active stabilisation
  • ITP technology reduces vibration and noise
  • Maximum stabilisation with minimal bulk
  • Aids in the reduction of noise and vibration while enhancing your groups

Model Status: Superseded

The Doinker Multi-Rod Hunter Stabiliser Next G-1 camo 10.375in 9.7 oz has been replaced by the
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