Doinker Adjustable V-Bar Mount

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Doinker Adjustable V-Bar Mount

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Doinker Adjustable V-Bar Mount Description

Making a connection and staying balanced are a challenge in every aspect of life, but especially in archery. Luckily, Doinker has devised a solution - at least in the archery world.

For anyone involved in archery, there is a struggle to find the right balance point for your bow.

Doinker has confronted yaw, centre of gravity, pivot point, force, etc. When accuracy counts - either with a compound or recurve, Doinker want everything possible to be in your favour - the Doinker Adjustable V-Bar Mount gives you that edge.

We all know shooting is not a one size fits all endeavour. In conjunction with all the forces of nature, an individual's grip, shooting style, accessories, bow and stabiliser choices affect how a bow balances and can greatly impact accuracy and consistency.

The Doinker Adjustable V-Bar Mount is the only one of its kind on the market and allows you to compensate for all controllable variables, giving you a multitude of adjustment options not available with standard V-Bar Mounts.

You no longer have to make your stabiliser and V-Bar balancing decisions based on a single set of angles or how many V-Bars you want to use and in which lengths.

The Doinker Adjustable V-Bar Mount gives you the flexibility you need to maximise both your set-up and your shooting. It is a lightweight and compact unit constructed of black anodised 6262 T9 aluminium for maximum durability and optimum eye appeal.

The dual adjust arms feature Doinker's new PowerGripa washer system, which incorporates a series of ridges that encompass the entire circumference of the high-shock thermal plastic washer.

The ridges on the PowerGripa washer system allows tweaking or positioning of the angle of the arms with precise accuracy on both the horizontal and vertical axes. 360 degree adjustment makes this the most versatile V-Bar available.

The washers are tightened by a series of strong and tight hex nuts to give you the confidence that the Adjustable V-Bar Mount's individual arms will not move, no matter how much you shoot.

Because of the ability to micro tune your V-Bars and stabiliser, the Adjustable V-Bar Mount permits you to completely balance your bow.

This compact unit is ideal for both compound and recurve shooters alike. Simple and easy to adjust your stabiliser to the right angle for precision bow balance.

A quality Doinker accessory that adjusts your stabiliser where you want it to be and has infinite flexibility.

Better Doinkers make better archers. Doinker - the World's #1 Stabiliser greatly improves your bow's feel and performance.

Patented 360 degree active stabilisation system. No Shock, No Vibration, No Noise.

Doinker Staff Shooter Jamie Van Natta chooses Doinker.

Doinker Adjustable V-Bar Mount Bracket with PowerGrip Washer 96.39grams or 3.4oz.

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