Doinker Hunter Elite Field Stabiliser black 6" 7.9 oz

Brand: Doinker

Doinker, technology that started the revolution. No Shock, No Vibration, No Noise. Doink On.

Doinker Hunter Elite Field Stabiliser black 6" 7.9 oz

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Doinker Hunter Elite Field Stabiliser black 6" 7.9 oz Description

The Doinker Supreme is the most advanced Doinker ever produced due to its ability which allows the archer to fully adjust the flex and tension of the Doinker and be able to convert the Doinker to use other Doinker technologies such as the Doinker D.I.S.H. and the all new GEN 5 Doinker which weighs a mere one ounce, for endless combinations of dampening and weight placement, providing a softer feel at the shot.

Doinker Supreme stabiliser has been the choice of many top pro compound archers around the world for many years and is one of the most popular free style stabilisers.

This is due to design features that not only help you hold steady on a windy day, but also take out vibration at the shot.

The Supreme Hunter Elite stabiliser just got better with the combination of a 0.640 thousandths of an inch Carbon Grid Rod and a built in suppression mount at the base of the stabiliser which has a weight rod suspended internally by Doinker ITP (Interrupted Transfer Polymer) material.

The ITP material at opposing ends helps to eliminate vibration and features a fully adjustable 1.125 inch Doinker Supreme with aluminium Universal Stack Weight.

The benefit of the Doinker Hunter Elite is it weighs just 7.9 ounces, is 6 inches long, in a stylish black finish and allows you to tune the flex of the Doinker in order to get the perfect feel and suppress noise to quieten your bow.

Doinker Supreme features

  • Integrated suppression mount isolates and reduces shot shock by high-tech venting to disperse energy generated at the riser
  • Carbon Grid Rod
  • 1.0 ounce GEN 5 Doinker for endless dampening and weight placement
  • Aluminium Stack Weight included
  • Takes out vibration
  • Holds steady on a windy day
  • Softer feel at the shot
  • Fully adjusts and tunes flex and tension
  • Option to use Doinker DISH
  • Choice of top pros
  • Stylish black finish
  • Most advanced Doinker ever

Doinker, The World's #1 Stabiliser greatly improves your bow's feel and performance. No Shock, No Vibration, No Noise.

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