Hoyt Carbon Xceed 5 pin micro adjust sight black

Brand: Hoyt

Perfect peep alignment, durable, lightweight, precision Hoyt Carbon Xceed micro adjust 5 pin fibre optic sight is exactly what you need to outfit your bow

Hoyt Carbon Xceed 5 pin micro adjust sight black

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Hoyt Carbon Xceed 5 pin micro adjust sight black Description

A carbon fibre skeleton makes the Hoyt Carbon Xceed 5 pin sight extremely light-weight and brutally tough, a combination serious bowhunters appreciate and demand.

Coiled fibre optic strands gather light for bright, precise pin clarity, while the included integrated sight light boosts pin clarity in low light conditions, allowing you to make the most of early morning and late evening hunts.

2nd and 3rd axis levelling capabilities, along with easy and precise windage and elevation micro-adjustments, round out a robust offering of precision enhancing features that will ensure your shooting experience exceeds expectations.

Sighting is painless, while the extra-long, bundled fibres provide the perfect aiming pin for almost any hunting situation. The Carbon Xceed 5 pin sight is designed to be the perfect add-on for today's high-tech Hoyt bows.

Built with the same precision as Hoyt premier bows, the Hoyt Carbon Xceed micro adjust sight brings serious bowhunters and 3D shooters the ultimate in sight technology. Hoyt has perfected their precision steel .019 fibre optic pins.

This rugged and dependable sight comes with sophisticated and functional features, cutting edge technologies and an innovative fibre optic armour tube that's fully integrated into the mounting bracket. This not only protects the fibres in harsh hunting conditions, it actually increases their light-gathering power for ideal visibility in any conditions.

Hoyt's compact Sight Light dramatically increases brightness of the fibre optic pins in low light conditions.

The Hoyt Carbon Xceed sight features fully encapsulated stainless steel tube pins for ultimate fibre protection and an advanced carbon pin guard housing for high strength and even less cantilevered mass weight.

Hoyt Carbon Xceed sight includes micro gang adjustment.

Comes in a highly visible five ultra-bright pin configuration with precise .019 pins which perform even in extremely low-light conditions. A green bubble sight level and Hoyt's positive locking system with easy to see laser engraved sight marks for precision adjustments, all combine to ensure accuracy and consistency.

Hoyt Carbon Xceed sights are as stylish as they are functional and as durable as they are accurate.

Comes standard with optional sight rings in 8 different colours of white, red, orange, blue, purple, green, yellow, pink.

When you choose the Carbon Xceed sight, you are guaranteed to have a sight packed with great features and benefits.

  • Carbon construction, extremely light, incredibly durable and adjustability to perfectly align your peep to the sight housing
  • Precision stainless steel tubes encase the fibre optics for protection in the most rugged conditions
  • Sturdy carbon pin guard offers unmatched durability in a super lightweight design
  • Easy and precise elevation and windage adjustment
  • Extra long bundled fibres provide perfect aiming brightness
  • 2nd and 3rd axis levelling
  • Micro adjust
  • Coiled optic fibres
  • 5 precision steel pins
  • High precision .019 fibre optic pins
  • Ultra bright wrapped durable fibre optic pins
  • Convenient, micro click knobs for easy and accurate sight adjustment
  • Laser engraved elevation and windage adjustment marks
  • Bright sight housing ring for faster sight alignment
  • 2 inch pin guard
  • Bright sight housing makes peep alignment quick and easy
  • Positive locking system
  • Integrated green bubble sight level
  • Sight Light included
  • Eight interchangeable coloured sight rings included
  • RH and LH interchangeable
  • Available in BlackOut finish
  • Also available in 3 and 7 pin models which are not stocked items but may be special ordered. Please enquire
  • Fully illustrated instructions & hex wrench included

When your hunt is on the line, Get Serious, Get a Hoyt Carbon Xceed micro adjust sight.

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