FUSE Recurve StealthShot pair

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Easy to install, the StealthShot String Suppression System has made believers out of even the most experienced archers and bowhunters. It will amaze you

FUSE Recurve StealthShot pair

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FUSE Recurve StealthShot pair Description

Hoyt has unveiled the first string stops for a recurve bow.

The unique string stops have been years in the making. Jake Kaminski, Olympic team silver medallist and part of Team USA that took gold in the 2013 World Championships, says he first thought about the idea five or six years ago and started developing proto-types with Hoyt engineer, Doug Denton.

A dual set of string dampers, these stops are designed to sit an equal distance from the nocking point so as not to affect nock travel and they have been designed to reduce noise and vibration and reduce nock travel beyond the bow's brace height, thereby increasing arrow speed.

The FUSE Recurve StealthShot is a must have for serious recurve target shooters.

By stopping the string at brace height, the stealth shot dampens limb vibration while improving accuracy and energy transfer to the arrow.

With a more consistent nock-from-string release, you'll enjoy higher scores and a much more accurate set-up.

Jake said "The difference in performance, you can't compare it. My bow jumped on the finger sling like nothing I've felt before. I shot my highest ever FITA score in practice with them on."

At this stage, the only risers that have the requisite rear bushings for these string stops are the Hoyt Ion-X and Hoyt Tiburon takedown hunting recurve. However if the StealthShot proves popular, it is expected to become available on other Hoyt risers.

Fully adjustable for different brace heights and suitable for all sizes of bow, the latest development in recurve technology has been approved by World Archery regulators.

The revolutionary StealthShot eliminates "arm slap", "string buzz" and substantially minimises shot noise and recoil for a much more consistent, quiet, vibration-free shot.

StealthShot String Suppression System by FUSE will make believers out of even the most experienced archers and bowhunters.

Imagine never having to worry about "arm slap", "string buzz" and other inherent problems that can compromise your shot.

StealthShot momentarily captures and suppresses the string, nearly eliminating all string movement and oscillation after the shot. StealthShot is proven to reduce string movement and oscillation by over 70%.

Featuring an ultra-strong, super-lightweight carbon rod, which weighs a mere 79 grams or 2.79oz, attached to a custom LimbSaver NavCom "V" grooved bumper which wraps around and captures and suppresses the string after the shot.

Watch Jake Kaminski discuss and demonstrate the StealthShot. Tests have demonstrated that bows equipped with StealthShot have proven to reduce string movement and oscillation by over 70 per cent and create a much cleaner release of the arrow from the string for a more accurate and forgiving shot. It is easy to install the StealthShot. To increase the life of your bowstring, it is recommended to serve a small section of string serving on your string where it contacts the StealthShot.

FUSE StealthShot String Suppression System

  • Reduces string noise and vibration after the shot
  • Substantially minimises shot noise and recoil
  • Reduces string contact with the arm
  • Never worry about arm slap, string buzz and other problems that compromise your shot
  • Super light weight carbon rod, only weighs 79gms or 2.79oz
  • LimbSaver NavCom rubber bumper captures and suppresses the string after the shot
  • StealthShot has been specifically made for the Hoyt Ion-X target recurve and Hoyt Tiburon takedown hunting recurve risers
  • Reduces string vibration and noise
  • Improves limb dampening
  • Tighter groups due to string stopping at brace height
  • Increased arrow speed with more energy being transferred to the arrow
  • StealthShot comes with black bumpers only, but Hoyt Custom Colour StealthShots are available in eight great colours and can be purchased separately.
  • Sold as a pair, the kit includes two Recurve StealthShot string stops with recurve specific adjustable brackets, available in black only.

Shush your shot. Attach FUSE Stealth Shot Recurve Mounts to your bow today. You’ll be instantly amazed by the results.

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