FUSE Carbon Blade Quick-Detach V-Bar Black

Brand: FUSE

If you are looking for a great V-Bar to use with your stabiliser, get yourself a FUSE Carbon Blade Quick Detach V-Bar

FUSE Carbon Blade Quick-Detach V-Bar Black

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FUSE Carbon Blade Quick-Detach V-Bar Black Description

The decisive edge. When FUSE designed Carbon Blade and took it into the wind tunnel for testing, they knew they had something special.

A measured 70% drag reduction, unparalleled stiffness in the critical horizontal plane and a sweet shooting feel all pointed to a winner.

But when they saw the real world results in the field with top shooters, even FUSE were blown away at the difference Carbon Blade makes.

Right from the start of the season, Carbon Blade shooters started dominating, culminating with the World Archery Championship where 4 of the 6 compound medallists, including both the men's and women's World Champions shot with Carbon Blade.

Carbon Blade is truly the decisive edge on the target field.

The new precision machined FUSE Quick Detach (QD) V-bar makes Carbon Blade setup faster and easier than ever, with a precise quick-detach mounting system and total FUSE quality, including an exclusive, precision stainless steel main blade mount.

Picture the scene. You have finished hunting or the shoot or tournament has concluded and you want to stow your bow so you can attend the presentation or you want to head off for a drink with your mates and that stabiliser will just not budge. Your mates have taken off or the presentation has started and you are missing out. Quick Detach is the answer.

Quick Detach or Disconnect allows you to attach, remove or change your stabiliser with a quick and easy quarter turn. It has no moving parts and you will never need to use a hex wrench again to remove your stabiliser from your bow.

It is a neat design to keep the stabiliser tight throughout your shooting sessions. It stays tight and secure and will not vibrate loose.

Installs in seconds and makes life a breeze and so simple to use.

For attachment or removal of your stabiliser with just a quarter turn - easy on when shooting your bow and easy off when storing your bow in your bow case. Has a black finish.

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  • Carbon Blade Side Blade Quick Detach Adapter
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FUSE Carbon Blade Quick-Detach V-Bar Black

  • Setup is faster & easier than ever with the built in quick-detach mount
  • Exclusive, precision stainless steel main blade mount
  • Available in zero (40 x 0 degree) angle and 10 (40 x 10 degrees) angle side drop angle with the popular 45 degrees sweep angle. Please specify V-Bar type required

When every advantage counts, trust genuine FUSE accessories for ultimate quality.

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