Hushpuk oval dampener 2 pack


Hushpuk dampeners reduce noise and vibration and are repositionable to any flat surface on a compound, recurve, longbow or crossbow and for many accessories for the ultimate dampening of your equipment

Hushpuk oval dampener 2 pack

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Hushpuk oval dampener 2 pack Description

HPK Innovations, LLC has created Hushpuk, a new line of vibration dampening products for bowhunters and archers to provide archers with more confidence and make them better at their sport.

The HPK Innovations team is dedicated to enhance the performance of bowhunters, target shooters and competitors alike through the development of innovative, one of a kind, vibration dampening products that eliminate problems related to vibration dampening and other challenges archers face in their pursuit of excellence in performance and enjoyment of their sport. HPK are proud to manufacture Hushpuks in the USA.

This is the first completely repositionable dampening device available for your bow and will stick securely to your compound, one piece recurve or takedown or longbow.

The HUSHPUK is designed to affix to any location on a bow including all accessories, sights, cams, rests, quivers and works great on crossbows. Reduce noise and vibration. Hushpuks can also be applied to game calls such as rattling devices and slate calls to increase tonal dimension and add realism to your calling sequences.

The special polymer material allows HUSHPUK to stick securely to the bow surface with the additional advantage of being repositionable without losing sticking strength. With the added benefit of being repositionable without losing sticking strength, no other bow silencer dampening product can duplicate HushPuk's performance.

HushPuks are a low profile, repositionable, bow silencing, tuning device, which removes noise and vibration from limbs and accessories and creates a custom feel for comfort and confidence with no loss of kinetic energy. Whether you are using a compound, recurve, longbow or crossbow, Hushpuk will work for you.

With its exclusive sticky backing, Hushpuk will adhere to your bow and will not move unless you choose to do so, delivering less noise, shock and string jump, all resulting in more comfort, confidence and complete vibration management.

It sticks - Hushpuk can't move unless you want it to move. Effective on any type of bow.

It moves - Hushpuk is repositionable. Simply peel and reapply. Easy custom placement is finally possible.

It scores - Hushpuk delivers. Less noise. Less shock. Less string jump. More comfort. More confidence. Complete vibration management.

Hushpuk is designed to affix to any location on a compound, recurve, longbow or crossbow. For maximum adhesion, choose a flat, sheltered position. Small oblong Hushpuks work great in the honeycomb of most machined risers or place the Hushpuk on the inside of limbs near the riser or near the limb pocket or any other flat surface.

The small oblong Hushpuk in an accessory package fits nicely in the limb in this open limb pocket design in certain bow models and on sight bars to reduce vibration.

Place a Hushpuk near the grip on a recurve or longbow to reduce hand shock.

Use oval Hushpuks near the limb pockets on any crossbow to help in reduction of noise and vibration.

Simple to install, just thoroughly clean the area to be applied with denatured or isopropyl 91% alcohol, wipe and let dry completely. Remove paper backing and apply Hushpuk to desired location. Simply peel off Hushpuk and reposition it for optimal performance. If Hushpuk loses adhesiveness, simply wipe clean with denatured alcohol and let dry. Avoid prolonged exposure to extreme heat, direct sunlight, rain or harsh elements.

Original oval shape is great for solid limb hunting and competition compounds, recurves, longbows and crossbows.

The Hushpuk delivers less noise, less shock, less string jump, more comfort, more confidence and complete vibration management.

  • Low profile multi-use vibration dampener
  • Efficient noise suppressor
  • Selective high frequency dampener
  • Removable and easy to move without losing sticking strength
  • Won't move unless you want it to move
  • Size 1.125" horizontal width x 1.375" vertical height
  • Approximately 63-65 grains
  • Removable and repositionable
  • Low weight to mass ratio
  • Customise your gear with HushPuk
  • Available in colours of Red and Purple. Please specify colour choice
  • Sold as a pair

Hushpuk keeping you on target.

Hushpuk for that crucial shot.

This is what people have said about Hushpuks.

"String noise is a problem when you have a prized deer in your sights. The noise is noticeably toned down with Hushpuk on my bow."

"As a lifetime archer and practicing bowyer, I was impressed with the low profile and string suppressing qualities, not to mention the Hushpuk's repositionable option. I highly recommend Hushpuk for your limb and string dampening needs." From Ken Mix from Annville, Pennsylvania, USA

"I've put Hushpuks on multiple bows and immediately have seen a reduction in both vibration and noise. I had a metallic sound coming from my Axcel target sight so I placed one of the Hushpuks on the extension bar. No more annoying sound. I really like the ability to move them easily from bow to bow and different locations. I'm very impressed with the Hushpuks - definitely a product that can enhance everyone's shooting experience whether they are a target shooter or hunter." From Steve van Zile, Director, George Chapman Archery Technical Certification School

"I shoot FITA Recurve and have just won the PSAA State Target Championships, setting 2 new records in the Senior FITA Class. I currently have the 1200 round record which I set in 1995 with a score of 1058, I shot a 1055 this year on the 900 round which I have that record, also from 1995 with a score of 846, I shoot an 853, beating my previous record by 7 points, 18 years later. While I cannot contribute all this success to the Hushpuk, I can say that they do work great, the fact that they are easy to remove & relocate to different areas of the bow make them great for tuning. I have the larger diameter located on the backside of each limb, the penny sized on the elevation knobs of the sight and the oval ones on the sides of the riser. I have tried different combinations and found that this set up has provided me with the best vibration stabilization and noise reduction. All in all, I would recommend this product to any archer, whether it is recurve, compound or traditional." From Scott Rissinger, Level 4-NTS USA Archery Coach, Junior Dream Team Coach, National Indoor Champion

"Hushpuks are a great product! The limb Hushpuks really silenced the bow and controlled the bow shock. The moveability in Hushpuks help in finding the best place to put them without leaving any residue on the bow. Hushpuks a must have for bowhunters and target shooters." From Andy Dumbauld, Staff Shooter, Xpedition Archery, Stage 1 Strings, Dead Center Archery

"When I shoot I hear a plastic 'ting' sound. With Hushpuks on my bow, there is almost no sound. The 'ting' becomes a dull thud. Much better!"

"Hushpuks took the sound out of my limbs and the shock out of the bow. Amazing product!"

"Every competing archer knows you do not change anything on your bow the day before a major event. I did. I put Hushpuks on my bow the afternoon before the event at the Easton Indoor Arena in Yankton, South Dakota, USA, hoping that I did not just make a huge mistake. I didn't. This was the BEST thing I ever bought. I improved my PB's 4 times and finished 7th overall, which would not have been but for the Hushpuks. Best invention since sliced bread!" From Bea Viviers, BowTech Staff Shooter, South Africa

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