HHA Optimizer Lite Ultra .010 pin sight with 1.625in sight housing

Brand: HHA Sports

HHA Optimizer Lite Ultra sight has top shelf features - a rheostat to adjust brightness of the pin in seconds, large sight housing, high visibility sight ring for faster target acquisition, totally toolless micro adjust, machined aluminium & Mathews harmonic damper

HHA Optimizer Lite Ultra .010 pin sight with 1.625in sight housing

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HHA Optimizer Lite Ultra .010 pin sight with 1.625in sight housing Description

The HHA Optimizer Lite Ultra Series moveable single pin sight is constructed from 100% machined aluminium and features HHA's green sight ring, totally toolless micro windage adjustment system, ARMOR sight pin technology and patented DS-Tapes.

The Optimizer Lite Ultra single point sighting system also includes a revolutionary yardage dial that allows for rapid adjustment to the yard between 20 and 60 yards using the included sight scales, to determine which one of the included 52 colour coded sight tapes, numbered in one yard increments, works for your setup. Simply sight in at 20 and 60 yards and select the appropriate tape. Now out to 80 yards for faster bows. A foolproof sight in tape assures the correct tape selection for any draw length, bow speed or shooting style.

Now the Optimizer Lite Ultra sight features Mathews Harmonic Damper and has a tool free micro adjust windage and is made from CNC machined aluminium, green sight ring, lens and light compatible. No more wrenches. All models feature totally toolless micro windage adjustment. A single click moves your arrow 1-8" at 20 yards.

Now with ARMOR pin technology

  • A. Aluminium sight pin is CNC machined and features a channel for the fibre optic that offers maximum protection
  • R. Rigid design will not flex, break or warp
  • M. Micro pin is petite and offers an unobstructed view of the target
  • O. .010 fibre optics. ARMOR pin is standard on all models
  • R. Rugged design captures fibre optic completely making breakage a thing of the past

The HHA Optimizer Lite Ultra DS-5510 has a .010 pin with 5 feet of fibre optic, a 1.625" diameter sight housing that features a rheostat which is able to adjust the brightness of the pin in seconds.

  • Moveable single pin
  • 5 feet of .010 optic fibres for light transmission
  • Exclusive yardage dial allows for rapid adjustment to the yard
  • Sight in at 20 and 60 yards to determine your included customised yardage scale
  • Scales numbered from 20 to 60 yards in one yard increments for unmatched precision. Now out to 80 yards for faster bows.
  • Generous 1.625" sight housing; also comes in a 2" sight housing
  • High visibility sight ring for faster target acquisition in even the poorest light conditions
  • Most accurate yardage tape system in the industry (20 to 80 by the yard)
  • Totally toolless micro adjust windage and elevation for convenience at the range or in the field
  • RDS (Range Dial Shoot) Technology
  • Mathews Harmonic Damper installed
  • CNC machined aluminium construction
  • Accepts HHA Lens Kit B in 2, 4 or 6 power lens and HHA blue burst light
  • Exclusive mechanical rheostat feature adjusts pin brightness in seconds
  • Also available in .019 optic fibre pin
  • Available in right hand only
  • Black finish
  • Weight 283.5 grams or 10 oz
  • 100% Lifetime Warranty
  • Made in USA

The industry's best adjustable bow sight. So well designed, so supremely functional, the HHA Optimizer Lite Ultra sight has been named sight of the year by Archery Business for 3 years running and #1 Single Pin sight of the year by Bowhunting World for 10 years running.

HHA - One Chance, One Pin, One Choice.

This is what people have said about the HHA Optimizer Lite Ultra sight.

"This sight is by far the best sight ever made. It is made like a tank, very easy to use, just sight in 20 and 60yards, stick the tape on and it's ready to go. Very easy to use. It's very solid, it has a pin guard, so you won't accidently break it. It's unbelievably bright. You will not regret getting this bad boy. If you have a good bow, then you must attach one of these sights on it, in my opinion. No matter how strong and how good of a bow you have, you still need this sight to dress up your bow the right way. Get one and you will not regret it. I love mine and I am going to keep it forever." 5 out of 5 rating from Massis11 of New York, USA

"This is an outstanding sight. It's durable, bright and easy to use. I sighted my bow in at 20 and 60 yards, attached the proper tape and I was perfectly sighted in. This is by far the best sight I've ever used in my 25 years of bowhunting. This is not a cheap sight, but it is worth the price. This sight will make you a more accurate shooter at the range and in the woods. You will not regret buying this sight." 5 out of 5 rating from Bob8655 of Dallas, Pennsylvania, USA

"My wife purchased this sight online for me as a Father's Day and Anniversary present. It took only a few days and she called me at work to say it had arrived. Upon opening the package, I was amazed, solid construction, ease of operation and the brightest .019" fibre optic pin I've ever seen. I immediately mounted the sight to my Mathews DXT and read the sighting instructions. It took no time at all to sight in @ 20 yards and then back to 60 yards for the final reading. After following the instructions and choosing the correct yardage tape, I began to doubt the accuracy of the process. I took out my range finder and moved to various places in the yard ranging, then dialling the sight and shooting. When the instructions say you'll be within half an inch, it's true! I am a firm believer in this sight and it's accuracy!" 5 out of 5 rating from Wolbear of Mayport, Pennsylvania, USA

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