High Demand Archery Pro Grip III


High Demand Archery Pro Grip III with 12 degrees of adjustability to the heel of the grip, helps you find that sweet spot in grip angle, adjustable so you can set it to fit the way you want, for the archer who wants to have as little as possible contact with their bow, fits most Mathews bows, easy to install

High Demand Archery Pro Grip III

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High Demand Archery Pro Grip III Description

Don't like the grip on your Mathews bow? No problem. High Demand Archery's Pro Grip III has been created and designed specifically to fit Mathews bows and is an adjustable grip that you can set to fit the way you want.

You can adjust it from a low wrist to high wrist position with just a couple turns of an Allen wrench.

When you sit behind the wheel of a new car, the first thing you feel is the steering wheel and say that feels good or I don't like this. It will become very clear whether you like the steering wheel or not. Archers often come into our pro shops, pick up a bow and say I like the feel of this bow and often this is because the grip feels good to them.

Fits any Mathews bow that accepts the Focus grip.

This revolutionary grip has 12 degrees of adjustability to the heel of the grip. Simply move the grip to the exact angle you need for a perfect fit and shot every time.

The Pro Grip easily attaches to the bow using the inner body with a strong adhesive for maximum grip to the riser for long lasting placement and replaces the original grip on Mathew's bows.

The Pro Grip is a narrower grip designed for the tournament archer looking for less hand contact with the grip area.

The Pro Kit by High Demand Archery includes everything you need for tournament archery with a HDA Grip.

The inner body comes standard in a black colour. It is also available in red or blue colours which are not stocked items but can be special ordered. Please enquire.

The Pro Kit includes the .625 inch wide Pro Grip III, Inner Body, Hardware, Installation Instructions. There is also a .75 inch wide Pro Grip II which is not a stocked item but can be special ordered. Please enquire.

Available in Right Hand only for Mathews bows.

Please note the Conquest 4, Conquest Apex 7, Conquest Apex 8, Chill X Pro, TRG or Prestige models feature an integral grip and are not compatible with the High Demand Archery Pro Grip. If you are unsure if this grip will fit your bow, please contact us for assistance.

  • Designed for the archer who wants to have as little as possible contact with their bow
  • Helps you find that sweet spot in grip angle
  • Provides a steadier sight picture and forgiveness in the shot
  • Adjustable angle design
  • Replacement grip for some Mathews bows
  • Slim Pro Grip III is .625 inch wide
  • Fits any Mathews bow that accepts the Focus grip, but does not fit Conquest 4, Conquest Apex 7, Conquest Apex 8, Chill X Pro, TRG or Prestige models
  • Right Hand only
  • Grip is made from CNC machined 6061-T6 aluminium
  • Made in the USA

High Demand Archery stand behind their grips and so do the Pros!

It's easy to take HDA's word for it, because after all, it's their product. But HDA asked some of the Pros currently using their grips what they thought. See below what they had to say.

The HDA Grip was designed and created by Dave Dirschell who formed High Demand Archery. As Dave tells his story, "I first started shooting a bow when I was just a young boy growing up in the southern Michigan countryside. Like a lot of young kids like me, I shot everything from bows and arrows to long bows and eventually recurves. In the mid-eighties I was introduced to the compound bow. I was then and still am today, amazed at the accuracy that can be achieved with a modern compound bow."

"I enjoyed shooting so much that I started entering and competing in local 3D archery tournaments. I simply could not get enough. By the early 90's I began to travel and compete at the national level. And In 2005 I became a senior pro archer and still compete in that class today, at local, state, national and world championship tournaments."

"In the mid-nineties I started shooting Mathews bows and absolutely fell in love with the solo cam design. Although I love the bows and the way they shoot, I've never had the same feeling for the grips. It wasn't long before I had a handful of solid oak wedges of different angles and sizes that I would begin experimenting with on all new bows. I would get a new bow, remove the stock grip and place the wedges under the grip to find that personal sweet spot in grip angle that I liked."

"That's where the HDA grip started. After several years of doing this I finally met with a machinist. Soon after my idea became a reality and along came the High Demand Archery grips. These grips are designed so that you start with the grip in the lowest position and experiment with different settings to find your personal sweet spot. To help aid in tuning, aiming, holding steady and finding that very repeatable position that is a must in being able to shoot accurately!"

"There is no reason at all to not shoot an HDA Grip. You can go from the very lowest grip position possible to a full 12 degrees higher and anywhere in between. So give it a try, I think you will like it. Get a grip. Get a High Demand Archery Grip."

This is what people have said about the HDA Grip.

"I started using HDA grips several years ago. I soon had four. There are two primary reasons for using this grip. First, it is the easiest grip to get the bow hand in the same place on every shot. You can greatly reduce your left and rights caused by the bowhand. Second, you can fine tune the bow or yourself by adjusting the up or down on the grip and lock it in. This is one of the new products that can actually improve your score or double lung hits." From George Pharis, National Champion, Mathews Archery, 2010 ASA FL 4th, 2010 ASA KY 1st, 2010 ASA IL 2nd, 2010 Big Sky 2nd

"Set it and forget it. Whatever the feel you're looking for, adjust until it feels your way and you can repeat every shot more consistently." From Burley Hall, 48 Combined Shooter of the Year Awards and National Wins, 6 World Titles, Level 2 NFAA & NAA Archery Instructor, 2010 IBO 1st place Second Leg Southern Triple Crown PSR, 2010 IBO Southern Triple Crown Overall champion PSR, 2009 IBO National Champion

"Best grip built, hands down. If you can't make this grip work, none will." From Richard Freeland, 25 Top 10 Finishes, 1997 World Championships 2nd Place, 2005 ASA Cousatta 1st Place

"The most positive improvement I have made to my bow. Adaptive to any shooting style. Incredible aid in uphill/downhill shooting. I've been using the Pro Grip for 3 years and refuse to shoot without it." From Randy Siers, IFAA World Record Animal Round, Sunshine State Games 3D Champion, Florida NFAA State Champion

"If you want to be consistent, get a grip on archery with the High Demand Pro Grip, it works for me." From Connie Calloway, Vegas, ASA World, NFAA Indoor Nationals, ASA & NFAA Shooter of the Year

"The HDA Grip allows for adjustability in the handle, where changing the feel of a bow is critical in finding what's best for you!" From Brandon Reyes, 2004 IBO World Champion, 2011 Champion ASA Pro Am, Augusta, GA

"Best grip I ever shot, no torque." From Charles Blankenship, ASA Class, IBO World Champion

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