Easton Travel Cover

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Protect your bow case when travelling & ensure it is safe with an Easton Travel Cover

Easton Travel Cover

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Easton Travel Cover Description

For bowhunters and target and 3D archers who travel or fly a lot should consider a Travel Cover from Easton, a travel cover for your Easton Bow Case.

Your Easton Bow Case ensures your bow will not move during transport or travel and makes travelling almost effortless. However what about your bow case being subjected to heavy handling or worse still, manhandling, resulting in your bow case being damaged and shortening its life.

Airline baggage handling subjects your bow case to all sorts of treatment.

You have probably seen or heard of all the accidents caused by careless or over aggressive baggage handlers at airports, dropping or manhandling your bow case.

Don't chance your next tournament or hunting trip with your bow case being manhandled as it will only ruin your hunt or tournament.

Don't cringe any more when you have to hand over your bow case as checked luggage at airline check ins.

Avoid nightmares of costly bow case damage by investing in a Travel Cover from Easton to protect and reinforce your bow case when taking your bow case out of or into your car, negotiating through parking lots and airports, etc.

It is a must for bow case protection during transport or airline travel.

Easton recommends using a Travel Cover, especially when flying.

May be your bow case with a Travel Cover will let you get away with just one checked bag, saving you on airline baggage fees.

  • There is a specific Easton Travel Cover to fit and protect your Easton Bow Case to make flying with your bow a breeze
  • High denier ballistic poly fabric construction
  • Compression-moulded semi-rigid bottom enhances durability
  • Premium #10 tough zippers for maximum strength
  • Double wide buckled durable straps for extra security
  • ID card slot
  • A must for airline-travel bow case protection
  • Fits snugly over your bow case
  • You can put some extra protection around your case
  • Protect your Easton Bow Case from baggage handlers and in transit with an Easton airline Travel Cover

There are four Travel Covers for Easton Bow Cases

  • 4716 Travel Cover for Easton Elite 4716 Double Roller Bow Case (119.4cm long x 40.64cm wide x 25.4cm high or 47in x 16in x 10in)
  • 4416 Travel Cover for Easton Elite 4416 Double Roller Bow Case (111.76cm long x 40.64cm wide x 25.4cm high or 44in x 16in x 10in)
  • 3915 Travel Cover for Easton Deluxe 3915 Compound/Recurve Roller Bow Case (99cm long x 38.1cm wide x 22.86cm high or 39in x 15in x 9in)
  • 3615 Travel Cover for Easton Deluxe 3615 Compound/Recurve Roller Bow Case (91.44cm long x 38.1cm wide x 22.86cm high or 36in x 15in x 9in)
  • We stock the 4716, 3915 and 3615 Travel Covers. Please specify choice. The 4416 Travel Cover is not a stocked item but can be special ordered. Please enquire

This is what people have said about the Easton Deluxe Compound/Recurve Roller Bow case 3615 Travel Cover.

5 out of 5 stars. "Rugged. I have the 3615 case and have used it and this cover on a handful of long airline trips (including South and Central Americas). It fits like a glove over the 3615 case and adds minimal weight. Pretty durable to stand up to airline baggage handling. It requires buckling 4 straps and you can add a TSA-lock on the zipper. A little pricey given the cost of the case but it's an added protection against mishaps in baggage handling." From Cadguy from USA

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