Easton RPS Screw-In Points 12pk

Brand: Easton

Easton Target points allow you to choose the point weight you want to shoot. The 1st choice for recurve and compound target archers competing at the highest level. It's your choice.

Easton RPS Screw-In Points 12pk

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Easton RPS Screw-In Points 12pk Description

Durable nickel-plated hardened steel and precision alloy points built to last.

Weight consistency is important for accurate shooting.

8-32 thread, Easton plated points are manufactured to the same high tolerances as Easton arrow shafts for tighter groups.

Replaceable Points System or RPS Screw in Field Target Points come in a clamshell pack of 12. Weight consistent. HIT compatible. Made in USA.

Easton RPS Field Target Points feature a parabolic point for precision arrow flight.

RPS Screw-in Field Target points fit

  • Easton FMJ Gun Metal Black shafts
  • Easton FMJ Lost Camo shafts
  • Easton FMJ Diamond Camo shafts
  • Easton FMJ Dangerous Game shafts
  • Easton Axis Black shafts
  • Easton Axis Realtree Camo shafts
  • Easton A/C/C Pro Hunting shafts
  • Easton BloodLine shafts
  • Easton BloodLine WildThing shafts
  • Easton Ion shafts
  • Easton Carbon Excel shafts
  • Easton FlatLine shafts
  • Easton FlatLine Surgical shafts
  • Easton PowerFlight shafts
  • Easton Super Slam shafts
  • Easton Realtree Hardwoods Green shafts
  • Easton Camo Hunter shafts
  • Easton Legacy shafts
  • Easton GameGetter shafts
  • Easton FMJ Crossbow bolts
  • Easton Carbon Power bolt
  • Easton XX75 Magnum shafts
  • Easton A/C/C shafts
  • Easton LightSpeed shafts
  • Easton LightSpeed 3D shafts
  • Easton FatBoy shafts
  • Easton X7 Eclipse Black shafts
  • Easton X7 Eclipse Blue shafts
  • Easton XX75 Platinum Plus shafts
  • Easton XX75 Blues shafts
  • Easton XX75 Jazz shafts
  • Easton A/C Super Slim shafts
  • Easton Redline shafts
  • Easton ST Axis Junior shafts
  • Easton ST Epic Junior shafts

Easton RPS Screw in Field Target Points represent one of the most technologically advanced arrow shaft components. For a precise fit, perfect flight and to increase your chances of standing victorious on the winner's podium, insist on Easton. Authentic Easton components absolutely make a difference.

You have chosen one of the world's most accurate arrow shafts. Why would you choose anything but authentic Easton components to complete your arrows?

Inferior knock-off components may appear to fit your shaft, but they lack Easton's precision engineering, top quality materials and rigid quality standards.

For a precise fit and perfect flight, insist on authentic Easton components.

Easton RPS Screw in Field Target Points come in a clamshell pack of 12 in the following weights

  • 17/64" - 50 grains
  • 17/64" - 60 grains
  • 17/64" - 70 grains
  • 17/64" - 80 grains
  • 17/64" - 90 grains
  • 17/64" - 110 grains
  • 17/64" - 125 grains
  • 9/32" - 50 grains
  • 9/32" - 60 grains
  • 9/32" - 70 grains
  • 9/32" - 80 grains
  • 9/32" - 90 grains
  • 9/32" - 100 grains
  • 9/32" - 110 grains
  • 9/32" - 125 grains

Please specify size and grain weight.

Whilst the image on the pack incorrectly shows a glue in point, the actual points illustrated inside and outside of the pack are screw in.

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"Great points. Solid and well weighted. Nice tight fit and no loosening over time." - from 240 Sandgate Road Albion on 09/04/2007

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