Easton FlatLine shaft dozen

Brand: Easton

FlatLine carbon shaft delivers a flat trajectory, MicroLite Super Nock installed, MicroLite Insert included, consistency, accuracy, durability. For Bowhunters seeking speed, FlatLine is just the ticket.

Easton FlatLine shaft dozen

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Easton FlatLine shaft dozen Description

FlatLine. The shortest distance between two points is a FlatLine.

Arrow shafts cut to length, free

SuperLite Carbon fibre and MicroLite components deliver a flat trajectory.

FREE Tracer when you buy FLATLINE. Get a MicroLite Tracer Lighted Nock FREE when you buy one dozen or more Easton FlatLine fletched arrows. Please enquire.

FlatLine SuperLite carbon construction.

Strong unidirectional overlays.

Unique Easton process - carbon layers provide an ultra consistent, strong, carbon shaft construction.

Black, smooth finish for quiet draw and reduced wear on the arrow rest.

New MicroLite speed system - lightweight inserts, nocks and shafts combine for all-out speed.

MicroLite Insert is lightweight and accurate and fits FlatLine, PowerFlight, LightSpeed, LightSpeed 3D and all CB Insert compatible shafts without unibushing

MicroLite Super Nock - precision moulded press-fit. Fits FlatLine, LightSpeed, LightSpeed 3D and all Super Nock compatible shafts. MicroLite Super Nock are available in colours of Blaze, Emerald, Yellow and Red.

Compare the weight - MicroLite Super Nock (7.5 grains) plus MicroLite Insert (10 grains) is much lighter than Super Nock (13 grains) plus CB Insert (21 grains)

Boost velocity up to Five Feet Per Second

  • Available in 500, 400, 340 shaft sizes. Please specify size.
  • Straightness +/- .003"
  • Weight tolerance +/- 2.0 grains
  • Multi-layer wrapped carbon fibres
  • Black, smooth matte finish
  • MicroLite Nock installed
  • MicroLite Insert included
  • Points sold separately

For Bowhunters seeking speed, FlatLine is just the ticket. Pro Hunters Tim Huffman, Alan Pace, Anthony Dixon and Shawn Monsen choose deadly Easton Arrows.

Highest Velocity with Easton FlatLine Carbon.

Fully fletched Easton FlatLine arrows can be purchased separately.

View them at Easton FlatLine Arrows

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