Brownell Fury Bowstring Material 1-8 lb

Brand: BCY

Brownell's long standing product excellence & innovation continues with B-50, Dyneema, & Fury bowstring material in many colours, serving in Diamondback, Bullwhip & Nylon, String Loop, LC Loop & Release Rope material as well as Liquid Lok & EZ Cam to keep servings in place

Brownell Fury Bowstring Material 1-8 lb

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Brownell Fury Bowstring Material 1-8 lb Description

Brownell Fury bowstring material is a 100% UHMWPE (Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene) composition.

Smallest .011 diameter and delivers no creep rock solid stability and increased speed.

Softest Shot.

Great for any application.

Recommended Strands 28 to 32 for Compounds, 20 for Traditionals and 46 for Crossbows.

Brownell's Fury is durable and consistent.

Available in 1-8 lb spools in

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Fluoro Green
  • Fluoro Orange
  • Fluoro Pink
  • Fluoro Purple
  • Fluoro Yellow
  • Red
  • White
  • Please specify colour choice

Pound for pound Brownell's strongest material. Unleash The Fury.

Professional Archer Brandon Reyes says "I recommend Brownell's Fury to all my friends. Fury is the ultimate powerhouse in string material and at 30 strands there is nothing more stable on the market. I use Brownell's Fury and so should you! " Kevin Wilkey, well known US pro shooter says "Brownell Fury is the strongest, yet thinnest material out there. It allows me to build strings with the highest strand counts ever. The result is the strongest and smoothest strings I've ever shot.".

This is what people have said about Brownell Fury bowstring material.

5 out of 5 stars. "Stuff is killer, been working with it for a year and a half. 3rd set of threads on my hunting bow, 2nd on my 3D bow. I always stretch at 450 lbs for 8 hrs, I don't play around, have had zero stretch or creep. Tag ends are butter smooth, finished burnish of bundle is gorgeous. No more wax than other types/makes, color is vibrant. Quiet with sufficient twist (1 in 3" or better.) 30 strands with .014 halo measures .108 inch" From Precision from USA

5 out of 5 stars. "I am using a traditional bow Korea. Brownell Fury String Material is small in diameter and strong and good elasticity." From Park Joungsoo from South Korea

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