Book The Heretic Archer by Vittorio & Michele Frangilli

Brand: Vittorio and Michele Frangilli

Book, The Heretic Archer by Vittorio & Michele Frangilli will benefit all levels with innovative methods & techniques and skills in developing high level archers, 160 pages

Book The Heretic Archer by Vittorio & Michele Frangilli

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Book The Heretic Archer by Vittorio & Michele Frangilli Description

Learn how Michele Frangilli trained to be a champion with the help of his life-time coach, his father, Vittorio. Michele is a 11 times World Champion in recurve archery, a most impressive record.

His shooting form or technique, all the process he goes through, how to practice and train, equipment selection, how he handles pressure, stability of the shot and his secrets to bow tuning and some interesting stories along the way are all covered in this extremely informative archery manual.

Michele has been very successful, claiming many tournaments including a gold at Nimes in 2010 and his highest achievement, a Gold Medal at the 2012 London Olympics.

Vittorio and Michele were prompted to share their secrets and knowledge and the reader is the lucky recipient.

Their years and years of analysis of various shooting styles and how the Heretic way, borne out of this analysis, can benefit all archers without constraining them to shoot in a style that requires loads of effort and hard work. Coach Vittorio believes you need to treat each archer as an individual, rather than coaching everyone the same way.

This book is ideal for any archer interested in learning ways to improve their shooting techniques. You can learn how to shoot a recurve properly at competition level.

There is a glowing foreword by Italian FITA President, Mario Scarzella who believes the archery world will benefit immeasurably by learning about Coach Vittorio's innovative methods, knowledge and skills in developing all levels of archers culminating in Michele's Gold Medal at the 2012 London Olympics.

A second foreword has been penned by Kyung Rae Park, President of Win & Win Archery Co. and former Head Coach of the Korean National team from 1984 to 1991 and Coach of the Korean Mens Team from 1985 to 1991.

The 42 Chapters include

  • Introductions by Vittorio and Michele Frangilli
  • 11 stages of control of a shot
  • Explaining limbs
  • Tuning
  • The tiller
  • The stabiliser
  • Shooting technique
  • Stance
  • Anchor point
  • Back tension
  • Sighting in
  • Release
  • Physical and mental training

The Heretic Archer by Vittorio & Michele Frangilli. The secrets and technique of a Champion. Hardback with plasticised dust cover, 28.7 cm x 22 cm or 11.3" x 8.7", 160 pages, 138 colour photographs. English language version, shipping weight 1000 grams or 35.3 ounces, Forewords by Mario Scarzella and Kyung Rae Park, copious technical information scattered throughout the 42 chapters of the book.

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