Book Balanced Bowhunting II by Dave Holt

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Dave Holt's book titled Balanced Bowhunting II - The Modern Bowhunting Guide is a comprehensive resource on bowhunting in an enjoyable and informative, but relaxed style. This is one book you cannot afford not to read.

Book Balanced Bowhunting II by Dave Holt

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Book Balanced Bowhunting II by Dave Holt Description

If you shoot compound bows, you need to be well-versed on the technical ins and outs of the sport.

In his helpful, easy-to-understand style, Dave offers up this comprehensive bowhunting book filled with honest, straightforward answers to many of archery's most puzzling questions. In Balanced Bowhunting II, Dave revisits important topics from his first book but heaps volumes of completely new information into chapters on Shooting and Tuning, Buck Fever, Range Estimation and Trajectory, The Compound Bow at Work, The Bow and String, Arrows, Broadheads and Accessories. In addition, he has penned a tremendously insightful chapter on Shot Placement and included a special chapter on Misconceptions, Questions and Mistakes.

Dave Holt is the technical editor for Bowhunter magazine and one of those tech guys who knows how to explain things so that anyone can understand.

You'll be informed in his latest information and advice on such topics as shooting form, tuning, level nock travel, equipment and methods to fight target panic, range estimation and arrow trajectory (with a new chart), cam design, dynamic efficiency, arrow velocity, ramifications of lightweight arrows on kinetic energy and bow damage, cam timing and synchronization, fletching instructions, arrow ballistics, broadhead penetration, how the latest accessories affect your tackle setup to name a few.

His new book, Balanced Bowhunting II - The Modern Bowhunting Guide is written in a relaxed style. It's almost like having a good conversation around a campfire with a real pro who is sharing his secrets.

This is an enjoyable and truly informative book filled with many tips on technique and tackle that will definitely improve your success afield and make you an archery sage.

"Dave possesses the unique ability to explain complicated terms and procedures in words anyone can understand" writes Bowhunter Founder/Editor Emeritus M.R. James. "That gift and Dave's willingness to share his considerable wisdom is what makes Balanced Bowhunting II so special." This is one how-to book you can't afford to go without.

Well known and respected archery expert, Norb Mullaney has proclaimed Dave's latest book, Balanced Bowhunting II, "...the most authoritative archery book ever written..."

One reviewer commented "This book effectively relates principles of archery and how to make them work for you. The author has broken these principles down so that even a novice will come away with an acute understanding of what factors make arrows fly true. Two thumbs up!"

Balanced Bowhunting II - The Modern Bowhunting Guide by Dave Holt covers

  • Foreword by Dwight Schuh, Editor, Bowhunter magazine
  • Introduction
  • Shooting and Tuning
  • Buck fever
  • Range estimation and trajectory
  • Shot placement
  • Misconceptions, questions and mistakes
  • Memories
  • The compound bow at work
  • The bow and string
  • Arrows
  • Broadheads
  • Accessories
  • Epilogue
  • Equipment preferences
  • Dave Holt's Africa
  • Appendix
  • Index
  • and much more

Hard cover, 24.1cm H x 19.8cm W x 1.3cm D or 9.5" x 7.8" x 0.5", 159 photos, drawings, charts and illustrations, 204 pages, shipping weight 340 grams or 12 ounces.

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