Book Instinctive Archery, the easy way to hit by Henry Bodnik

Brand: Henry Bodnik

Henry Bodnik is a consummate traditional archery champion who imparts his knowledge and experience in an informative but easy to read book called Instinctive Archery

Book Instinctive Archery, the easy way to hit by Henry Bodnik

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Book Instinctive Archery, the easy way to hit by Henry Bodnik Description

Ever since he was a little boy, Henry Bodnik has held a bow and arrow in his hands and has passionately followed the path of the bow. In his younger days, he roamed his local woods like an Indian and his bow always accompanied him. Bodnik, born in 1964, is an accomplished archery champion who has been guiding archers to successful aiming and shooting for more than 10 years. He is married and with his wife, Dorothea, busy bringing up five children and guiding them on the right path.

Instinctive archery has significantly influenced his life. The uncompromising way he has devoted himself to archery has acted as his guiding principles of his life and he has been fortunate to have attained a high level of knowledge and archery skills.

The book is based on more than 20 years of Henry's experience with his bow and arrow; instinctive archery is very simple - the most natural way to shoot an arrow and to have fun along the way. The physical and mental principles are explained, to help novices and seasoned archers alike, in an easy style. There are no bounds as to who can learn from this method - whether you are 5 or 105, male or female, small or large build.

With many years of experience in developing training courses, his lessons in instinctive archery are of a high standard and this is supported by glowing testimonials from former course participants, who actively encouraged Henry to establish his archery company, Bogensport Bodnik in 1997. His company has been a major influence in traditional archery and has blossomed and is now known as Bearpaw Products.

Topics covered

  • Preface
  • Background, including archery history, types of bows, advantages and disadvantages of instinctive archery
  • Before shooting including buying a bow, right and left hand bows, eye dominance, stringing the bow, brace height, nock point
  • The biochemical structure and the sequence of the shot including holding the bow, the anchor point, drawing the bow, releasing the string, follow through
  • The secret of instinctive archery including characteristics of instinctive archery and consciously aiming
  • Training

Read Instinctive Archery by Henry Bodnik - you will be equipped with more technique and be able to shoot better. Paperback 21cm x 14.75cm or 8.25" x 5.75", 67 colour photographs and illustrations, 120 pages.

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