Book Archery, the Olympics and Me by Keith Gaisford

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Archery, the Olympics and Me by Keith Gaisford is a journey of Keith's life and love of the bow and arrow & it is such a good read

Book Archery, the Olympics and Me by Keith Gaisford

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Book Archery, the Olympics and Me by Keith Gaisford Description

How many of us think, one day I will write my autobiography and include all the things that have happened in my life. Well Keith Gaisford has done this and it is most surprising how he has crafted this into an interesting book titled Archery, the Olympics & Me, an Autobiography.

This book is the story of Keith's life from boy to man, his family, education, sports, achievements and a passion for the sport of archery.

The sport that took Keith around the world, driven by a fascination with and participation in the Olympic movement.

Basically it is a history of archery within one man's lifetime.

Keith Gaisford shares his life with you and it is not a dull boring laundry list of events. This is a very easy read and is most interesting as Keith has led a very full life that took him to many places both for his occupation and for archery events.

Topics covered in the book

  • 1. Childhood, growing up, school, cycling
  • 2. Apprenticeship, marriage, Alan Bond
  • 3. Travel , first child, milk round
  • 4. Archery Beginnings
  • 5. TVW Channel 7, Fremantle Y Bowmen
  • 6. 1967 Nationals
  • 7. Bowmen of Melville
  • 8. Papua New Guinea
  • 9. Archery enters Olympic Games, Munich
  • 10. Port Moresby Archery Club
  • 11. Baldivis Archery Club
  • 12. 1977 World Championships, Canberra
  • 13. World Championships, Berlin
  • 14. FIRE
  • 15. 1980 Moscow Olympics, Team Manager, Coach
  • 16. Death of parents
  • 17. 1982 Commonwealth Games, Brisbane
  • 18. 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games
  • 19. Horsham Indoor, World Championships, Seoul
  • 20. Grand FITA Round, 1987 World Championships, Adelaide
  • 21. Solomon Islands, Beijing Tour
  • 22. AOTAC Perth
  • 23. Olympic Games, Seoul 1988
  • 24. Baldivis Archery Indoor facility
  • 25. Holiday in Canberra and USA
  • 26. AIS National Coach, Coaching Director
  • 27. Salice Terme, Italy
  • 28. Simon Fairweather, World Champion, Krakow, Poland
  • 29. Baldivis Archery Park
  • 30. Walzhiem, Germany, World Field, Margratten
  • 31. 1992 Olympic Games, Barcelona
  • 32. Lighting of the flame, Barcelona
  • 33. Western Samoa
  • 34. 1993 World Championships, Turkey
  • 35. First Seoul Cup
  • 36. AIS, full time archery coach
  • 37. Team Training, Townsville
  • 38. World Championships Jakarta, introduction to compound
  • 39. Korean National Championships
  • 40. Olympic Academy 1995
  • 41. World Nature Games
  • 42. National Indoor Championship, Perth
  • 43. 2000 Olympic Games, Sydney
  • 44. 2001 Indoor, Perth, World Field Championships, Canberra
  • 45. Close 2012

Keith hails from Perth, Western Australia, some 4,000 kms or 2,500 miles west of Sydney and while Perth is a lovely place to live, at times it became an impediment for Keith as an archery coach for Australia. Some of the difficulties as National Coach for a number of years, there was only funding for 3 week-long live in camps each year at the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS). The luxury of full time coaching at the AIS came only after Simon Fairweather won the World Championship and then following the 1992 Barcelona Olympics, a full time salaried Coach was selected.

Keith has chronicled major incidents in his life and it is in such a flowing style that is very easy but very interesting to read.

He has been an archer for over 48 years and loves all facets of archery, Target, Field and Clout and enjoys his hobby as a successful painter and was awarded a Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM) on 26th January 1981 in recognition of service to the sport of archery, an Australian Sports Medal on 14th July 2000 as a major contributor to state and national administration and an international coaching expert and a Centenary Medal on 1st January 2001 for making a contribution to Australian society and service to the community through sport, particularly archery.

Archery, the Olympics and Me by Keith Gaisford. Soft cover, 21cm x 14.5cm or 8.25" x 5.75", 45 chapters, 307 pages with full colour photos on the front and back covers, 47 black and white photos sprinkled throughout the book of very famous people who Keith has met, shipping weight 454 grams or 16 ounces.

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