Book Tuning Your Compound Bow

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Tuning Your Compound Bow Book on making, serving, repairing strings & cables, tuning single & 2 cam compound bows, arrow selection, shoot testing, a must for target, 3D & field archers with many illustrations, A classic tuning bible! by Larry Wise

Book Tuning Your Compound Bow

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Book Tuning Your Compound Bow Description

Book Tuning Your Compound Bow 5th Edition by Larry Wise with a Foreword by respected archery expert and technical advisor, Norb Mullaney. Chapters on how to shoot well with a compound bow, making, serving, repairing strings & cables, tuning single & two cam bows, arrow selection, shoot testing, with many illustrations. A classic, easy to read book - the tuning bible!

If you shoot a compound, this book belongs on your book shelf or in your tackle box! And with the new and freshly added chapters, it's even more valuable as it teaches the principles of how to set up a compound for the most forgiving shooting.

New information in this fifth edition of an archery classic includes

  • Pre test for bow tuning and list of tuning terms
  • Pre use bow preparation
  • Draw stroke of the compound bow
  • The single cam bow
  • The super cam bow
  • The asymmetrical or hybrid cam bow
  • Shooting from the valley
  • The power stroke of the compound bow
  • The fine tuning process
  • Test shooting, the final step
  • Tuning the Fast Flight cable system
  • Building and Tuning Arrows
  • Making, serving and repairing strings and cables
  • 3D tuning & shooting
  • 20 most asked questions

These added chapters are extremely valuable to all compound bow shooters. Updated cam material on all cam styles.

This is a practical, easy-to-follow, well illustrated guide book. Additional, information-packed chapters on

  • Compound bow power stroke
  • Wheel functions and tillering
  • Finding and shooting from the bottom of the valley
  • Arrow rest selection
  • Adjusting draw weight
  • Checking fletch clearance and arrow flight
  • Shoot testing
  • Make, Serve & Repair Strings and Cables
  • Adjust to Your Draw Length
  • Select the Best Arrow Rest For You
  • Adjust Wheel Timing
  • Paper Tune
  • Wheel/Cam Tuning Basics
  • Understanding Force-Draw Curves and make it work for you
  • Understanding & Calculating Stored and Kinetic Energy
  • Tuning Hybrid Cams
  • Tuning Single Cams
  • Building and Repairing Carbon Arrows
  • Building and Repairing Strings and Cables
  • Bowhunter Shooting Tips

Paperback, 5.5" x 8.5" 146 pages.

High performance tuning for target, field and bowhunting. All cams. All compounds. Now you can tune to your needs.

Today's most complete book on compound bow tuning.

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"A fantastic 'must-have' for all serious archers. This book helped me iron out all my tuning issues, and turned my arrows into guided missiles, even at 90m. Within a week, I scored a 10-on-10 arrow split at 70m, which forced the nock insert 150mm down the carbon shaft. While shooting at 30m is now perilous, with damage to nocks and vanes common. " - Francis from 15th Ave on 07/11/2009

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