Book Taking Trophy Whitetails

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Taking Trophy Whitetails Book, a wealth of nuts and bolts how to info by Bob Fratzke with Glenn Helgeland, 2nd Edition, 140 pages. Compound bow, recurve bow or longbow bowhunters should read this if bowhunting game like the Fallow, Red & Chital deer

Book Taking Trophy Whitetails

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Book Taking Trophy Whitetails Description

The Book Taking Trophy Whitetails is currently on Special. Was $24.95 but to clear, they are just $5.95, only while stocks last. They have never been this low. Save a humungous 76% or $19.00 off the retail price, but hurry as the Book Taking Trophy Whitetails is running out fast and once they're gone...well, they're gone.

Although this book is written to help harvest Whitetail deer, an animal not found wild in Australia, it is nevertheless full of information that will help any hunter in the South Pacific harvest any species of deer.

Taking Trophy Whitetails is full of insights on strategies and techniques that are sure to give the hunter an upper hand in deer hunting. The tips on deer hunting that are packed into this book will most definitely come into play at some stage, for any deer hunter. Although the target species may be different than the deer in the South Pacific, the methods in hunting taught in this book will help you understand deer and how to hunt them better.

Bob Fratzke knows whitetails and his trophy room attests to that. For over 30 years Bob has seriously studied, observed animal behaviour, scouted and hunted deer as well as being an active target and field archer with a wall full of target and field trophies and plaques to go with his whitetail trophies.

90% of his total hunting and hunting-related effort involves scouting. Why? To get to know the terrain, the cover, the food sources and the animal movement patterns as intimately as possible.

All this preparation raises his confidence level, prepares him for the hunt, allows him constantly to hunt fresh stands and avoid over-using any given stand.

When he settles on an area, he's ready to see deer, not just hope something good moves past. Consistently successful deer hunting means paying attention to details, from scouting, through actual hunting, stand placement, camouflage and equipment set-up.

This is a forewood by noted archer and outdoor writer, Sherwood Schoch.

Deer is the most sought after big game trophy animal. The male deer is also the the toughest trophy to collect. He grows record book antlers only after he has reached maturity. Along with that maturity comes the keenest, sharpest set of senses in the outdoor kingdom. Almost any other trophy animal can be "bought" in that a guided hunt to the right spot with limited hunting competition, can produce record book animals. Not so with the deer. He has learned to exist and co-exist with his largest single predator - man. He is a full time professional game animal. Those of us who seek him are part-time amateur hunters. We are seldom a match for the deer.

Bob Fratzke, on the other hand, has proven to me he knows more about this magnificent animal than any other man I have ever talked with or hunted with and that includes the very best. For most of us, collecting just one trophy buck in a lifetime is not likely. For Bob Fratzke there are many trophy animals adorning the walls of his den and he has taken them all with the bow and arrow, a tribute to his vast knowledge of the hunted and the hunting.

There is a joke we pass around in Bob's hunting company. We say no matter what tree Fratzke selects, a trophy buck will come looking for him. The fact of it is, he has such a strong developed skill for intercepting the great trophies he seeks, he seems to have a built in homing device for where the big buck is going to be and when he is going to be there. Once in Wisconsin, while I was hunting with him, he left his morning tree stand only half an hour after daylight because 'it didn't feel right.' His instinct led him 400 yards up the side of the mountain, where he reset his tree stand and within another half hour felled still one more record book whitetail buck.

None of it is accident. Bob Fratzke has earned it all. Thousands of hours in the field, scouting, studying, watching, living with the deer has made him the best whitetail deer hunter I have ever known. His common sense approach, the practical methods he employs in scouting, following and finally hunting the trophy buck can and will work for anyone.

A wealth of nuts and bolts hunting how-to information.

  • Using mock scrapes and licking branches for more-productive hunting
  • Year-round scouting payoffs
  • Why it is far more important to know an area well than to have a big buck spotted
  • How to avoid patterning yourself
  • The high value of multiple stand locations
  • Hunting location and technique changes, from early season to the rut to late season
  • Reading scrapes and rubs
  • How food, cover and weather changes affect deer movement patterns
  • Reading the woods
  • How mental flexibility in your scouting and hunting dramatically affects success
  • Making hunting pressure work FOR you instead of against you

Taking Trophy Whitetails is the only book you need to read to know everything about deer including

  • How to obtain landowner permission
  • Defining your hunting goals
  • How to pattern or map out the area that deer frequent
  • How to interpret rubs and scrapes
  • How to scout more effectively
  • Preparing yourself and your equipment

Book Taking Trophy Whitetails, by Bob Fratzke with Glenn Helgeland. Get your copy today. Paperback 2nd Edition, 14cm x 21.6cm or 5.5" x 8.5" 140 pages.

The Book Taking Trophy Whitetails is currently on Special. Was $24.95 but to clear, they are just $5.95, only while stocks last. They have never been this low. Save a humungous 76% or $19.00 off the retail price, but hurry as the Book Taking Trophy Whitetails is running out fast and once they're gone...well, they're gone.

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