Titan 45mm 3D Scope

Brand: Titan

Australian made Titan Scopes with Hoya of Japan quality coated lens - the scope of choice of archers and 3D shooters right around the world

Titan 45mm 3D Scope

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Titan 45mm 3D Scope Description

With 3D and IFAA scores creeping closer to perfect, the importance of aiming well has never been more vital. The Titan 45mm 3D Fibre Coil Scope is becoming the scope of choice of archers and 3D shooters right around the world, from the novice to world class champions.

Titan scopes have the size and clarity to capture all details in the most demanding of conditions.

Titan use premium quality coated lens from Hoya of Japan which offer amazing clarity and sharpness. Hoya lenses are crystal clear and are a pleasure to shoot even in wet conditions. Hoya aspheric lenses have excellent astigmatic properties, are more accurate, smaller and lightweight as it is possible to reduce the number of discrete lenses used, are environmentally friendly because no polishing is required - so no glass dust is produced and they contain no lead or arsenic.

Sleek and precise, Titan 3D scopes offer target, field, 3D and indoor archers the latest in scope technology. Laser centred lenses were developed by and are exclusive to Titan scopes. Laser centring locates the optical centre, ensuring when you change your lens, you do not change the arrow's impact point. You can be confident in removing or changing lenses during competition rounds. O ring lens retention system enables fast and fail safe lens changes.

Titan 3D Fibre Coil Scope features

  • Hard coated lens to resist scratching
  • Multi-coated with a high contrast finish
  • High index producing a flatter lens
  • Distortion and colour aberration free
  • Lenses come in the following power or magnification: 2x or 0.25 dioptre, 4x or 0.5 dioptre, 6x or 0.75 dioptre, 8x or 1.00 dioptre.
  • 45mm or 1.77" diameter coated lens
  • Titan scopes only use Hoya of Japan state of the art hard, multicoated lens
  • Hoya aspheric lenses have excellent astigmatic properties, are more accurate, smaller & lightweight
  • CNC eccentrically machined from aircraft grade aluminium
  • Laser centred lenses gives you confidence to remove or change lenses during competition rounds & not change arrow impact point
  • Standard 0.020" red fibre optic pin and lens drilled for 0.030" with fibre and steel post supplied
  • Custom tempered high tensile threaded rod in 10-32" only.
  • Gunstar precision target fluro orange or black reticule available as stick on dot, circle or cross hair
  • Titan quality accessories like sunshades, spare lenses, fibre optics, o rings, bubbles, etc are also available. Please enquire
  • Available in Left Hand only
  • Comes in attractive anodised aluminium housing in black only
  • Green level bubble comes standard
  • You now receive two lens with your scope. We stock a combination of 4x and 6x only

Titan scopes stand for precision, strength, optical clarity, innovation and quality.

Get a superior quality Australian made Titan scope today and see your score soar.

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