AAE Max Hunter QuickFletch 6pk

Brand: AAE

AAE Max Hunter QuickFletch crest and fletch your shaft in seconds and so easily, added vane stiffness and durability for high profile for improved broadhead and field point flight

AAE Max Hunter QuickFletch 6pk

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AAE Max Hunter QuickFletch 6pk Description

One of those tasks you love or hate - fletching your own arrows. It is either a dream or a drag.

Well there is a breakthrough, a fantastic concept, simple to put on, which combines decorating your shaft with a brilliant wrap to provide a firm surface to fletch your arrow - all in the one process.

Many bowhunters and archers have come to experience just how efficient and effective AAE Max Hunter QuickFletch is. No more jigs, glues or hours spent labouring, trying to get perfectly fletched arrows.

With a saucepan of boiling water and 10 minutes, you can professionally fletch a dozen arrows. It's truly that simple. Slide them on, dip them and they are ready to shoot.

Less time spent fletching arrows means more time spent fine-tuning your archery skills and more time shooting and hunting.

Durable and consistent to ensure your vanes won't come off.

If you can boil water, you can fletch and crest your arrows with professional-looking quality in seconds. Align the QuickFletch on the shaft and hold it in place. Dip the QuickFletch and shaft into boiling water nock end first, then remove the shaft - and you're done. The wrap shrinks instantly to fit any size arrow shaft. Hot water activates a patented adhesive on the inside of the wrap, eliminating the use of messy glues or tape.

Professionally, quickly and easily fletch and crest 3 arrows in less than 3 minutes either in the field or at home.

Max Hunter vanes have been proven to be more accurate than other high profile hunting vanes.

That's right, AAE Max Hunter QuickFletch will shrink to fit any size carbon or aluminium arrow shaft and feature a unique ribbed design on white shrink wrap.

Guaranteed not to slip. Choose from AAE's Max Hunter QuickFletch in popular colour combinations of Bright Green and Black or Fire Orange and White.

Micro-Grooved Vanes - AAE Max Hunter Quik Fletch features ribbed design vanes for enhanced stiffness and accuracy on durable NAP white shrink wrap.

Max Hunter QuickFletch is the quickest and easiest way to fletch your arrows.

  • Fletch & crest your arrows in seconds
  • Save time and make professional-looking fletched arrows
  • Shrink to fit - Max Hunter QuikFletch shrinks to fit all carbon & aluminium arrows
  • Re-fletch arrows in seconds using hot water
  • White shrink wrap with AAE Max & Quickfletch logos on front end of wrap
  • Eliminates messy glues
  • All that is needed is hot water
  • Guaranteed not to slip
  • World's best quality and colours
  • Quickest and easiest way to fletch arrows
  • Very easy to install and easy to replace
  • Comes in a six pack
  • Made in USA with white shrink wrap from NAP Quickfletch
  • QuickFletch is 2.1" long, .590" high and .024" thick
  • Each QuickFletch weighs just 6.5 grains
  • Available in popular colours of Bright Green & Black or Fire Orange & White. Please specify colour choice

Enjoy shooting the most perfectly fletched arrows at your club or tournament. Achieve superb accuracy and tighter groups.

AAE-Cavalier USA, the world's foremost supplier of quality archery products.

If you can boil water, you can professionally and quickly crest and fletch an arrow. Max Hunter - for great field point and broadhead flight. Take it to the Max.

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